If you work for a company associated with cryptocurrency or blockchain, it is likely that you are paid with cryptocurrency (mostly Bitcoin or Ethereum) for some part of the work. Having worked for some time, you, naturally, decide to rest and go abroad, but you do not want to exchange the cryptocurrency savings (and it is not beneficial). Where should you go in that case? Especially for such cases we have prepared a list of countries, where you can use cryptocurrency in almost every store, hotel and cafe.

1. Denmark

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Do you know about the experiment of Jack Nikogosyan, who lived for several months in his city, spending exclusively bitcoin? So, it was in Denmark. It is one of the most developed countries in terms of living standards in the whole world. Its authorities are eager to give up all the fiat money, bringing all the calculations into a figure. Most of the shops in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, accept cryptocurrencies. The same goes for cafes and bars, take at least Sankt Peders Cafe and Aloë Cocktailbar, known for their cocktails.


2. Japan

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Japan is one of the first recognized Bitcoin as the official means of payment. For a long time it is possible to pay cryptocurrency here for not only products in shops, but also for dinner in café as there are more than 50 establishments of the public catering, accepting electronic money in the whole country. And in some cities cryptocurrency can be used to pay for the night. For example, in Tokyo there is a Hostel Bedgasm, and guesthouse Budget Inn Kyoto in Kyoto.


3. South Korea

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South Korea does not stay behind its eastern neighbor. Despite the fact that cryptocurrency here is not legalized, as in Japan, it does not prevent even such a large trading network as a 7-Eleven to exchange Bitcoins in their outlets. In general, the country already has more than 34 retail chains and stores, where your shopping can be paid with cryptocurrency. People who like night life will not stay without entertainment. A minimum of 4 night clubs in Seoul offer their customers to spend Bitcoins


4. USA

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It is enough to say that the USA is the leader in the number of ATMs, allowing buy/sell Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. There are about 3000 pieces of them in the country. If you do not want to return to the pre-Bitcoin era and use fiat money, it is also not problem-in America there are a lot of places where they accept cryptocurrency. Food can be ordered using the service Pizzaforcoins; also you can use paying cards CoinFueled for car rental and refuel.


5. Australia

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The introduction of cryptocurrency in the southern hemisphere of the Earth is actively advancing. Since 2018, Bitcoin in Australia can be bought even in newsstands, not to mention paying them. There are also more than 50 outlets scattered along the coast, where cryptocurrency is accepted. In the country there are companies that rent and repair vehicles, cafes, hotels and even travel agencies that accept cryptocurrency.


Of course, the number of establishments and shops ready to go to the calculations in cryptocurrency is still small, but nevertheless, in some countries it is enough to go there, without having fiat money in your pocket. It is enough to recall at least the experience of the programmer Felix Weis who visited 27 countries, paying exclusively bitcoin. What advice you from doing the same?