The Crypto laboratory team represents the world's first innovative payment system. It is used for trading, shopping, currency exchange. This digital currency works to exclude the intervention of third parties during financial transactions.

Today, the use of digital opportunities is very advanced. After all, in a simple way we can pay off the seller or sell the goods without extra commissions. The only thing that must always be considered is the cryptocurrency course. Now its level has reached 4034 US dollars. The currency attracts attention with its fluctuating character. After all, you can make good money with the right prediction and attentiveness to the course.

Latest predictions of the BTC

Today, every trader needs to read the latest news and make analysis of the market to work efficiently and earn well. After all, cryptocurrency trends do not change every day, but hourly. If you want to be a real financial expert, you need to learn how to analyze new information. As a result, he will be able to quickly make important decisions and predict his actions in advance.

If you are interested in Bitcoin, it does not mean that you provide yourself with productive work with information about him. This is not true. You must link the accumulated knowledge with other cryptocurrencies, platforms, situations. If you keep abreast of global financial and economic leaps, ongoing crises, then you will gain the upper hand of success.

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Today, in short-term time, we will review the latest news regarding BTC digital currency:

·        Now you can earn crypto by transacting the McDonald's mobile app, which can then be spent on rewards. The international fast food company entered into a partnership agreement with LoyalCoin in the Philippines. You can receive a reward for using crypto currency in the application.

·        In Dubai, they launched a Bitcoin ATM, which allowed crypto enthusiasts to purchase BTC.

·        Spanish government prepaid Visa debit card which allows holders to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency. Users will make a payment in euros or convert to any other digital currency.

·        Twitter creator Jack Dorsey made a purchase of bitcoins for 10 thousand dollars.

·        In recent times, there has been a comparatively sharp growth in the cryptocurrency market in Venezuela and Indonesia. Residents of these countries increasingly prefer cryptocurrency, rather than unstable national fiat.

·        Max Keiser said paper money has no intrinsic value and its basically worthless on the famous TV show an interview with BlockTV. He even went ahead and tore several $1 bills on the show.

·        Recently, top managers of the technology giant IBM announced that the emergence of quantum computers would be a real threat to cryptocurrencies and cryptography used in blockchain systems. After all, special technologies in the future will be able to figure out private keys that will harm at least half of the blockchains.

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Now an interesting and exciting news happens every day. They influence the situation of the exchange, the rate of cryptocurrency, rating, relevance.

Price volatility of BTC today

We can say that lately there has been a positive trend in the Bitcoin rating course. We analyzed the statements of experts on cryptocurrency and financial transactions. Most of them predict a sharp rise in the rate to $ 4000.

Experts believe that people will still view BTC as a store of value. The currency will spread as the market develops. As more people will try to do blockchain-based applications, the infighting and forking with Bitcoin Cash will hinder things until one basically emerges above the other.

Most of all, external factors affect the acceptance of bitcoins. After all, they determine the price in the short term. Many claims that the rate will reach up to 20,000 USD by the mid of 2019. Today, it is already to extract 17 million bitcoins out of 21 million. This can significantly affect the price of a currency. After all, the less it is, the greater its value.

The value of currency is to use it as a medium of exchange. This system allows people to transfer these values from one to another in a cheap and safe way, as well as without the participation of third parties. If bitcoins will not be used as an exchange, then they will simply remain a way of storing wealth.

We can say in general that cryptocurrency has risen in price. In early March 2019, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market amounted to $ 132 billion. Experts say that this year is an opportunity for Bitcoin to recover.