Today there are almost no people who do not know about Bitcoin. Modern trends in financial and economic activity are attempting an increasing interest in the use of electronic currency.

BTC is a virtual payment system in which original money circulates - bitcoins. It uses only digital currency, which is not tied to any bank or the general economy.

Some key features of the platform:

·        It is a decentralized system, the participants of which do not depend on the factor of nationality or other characteristics;

·        To make financial transactions is not required to disclose the identity of the user;

·        All committed operations are irreversible. You cannot return, stop, interrupt, cancel or block them;

·        Transactions in the system occur peer to peer without the participation of a third party. Therefore, apart from the participants, no one can track them;

·        The system stores the entire transaction history;

·        The transaction fee is quite small;

·        The platform has a fast transfer rate and currency processing.

Since Bitcoin is the world's first digital currency, you can buy it on absolutely any cryptocurrency exchange. Use our rating and latest news to choose the best for you.

Now latest predictions of the BTC

The famous investor Mike Novogratz believes that by launching a cryptocurrency trading platform, we can see an aggressive trend in the first half of this year. By and large, the exchange rate depends on the now news and technical component.

Forecasting experts are in no hurry to draw conclusions about Bitcoin investments in the next period. Some predict a complete collapse of cryptocurrency. But others suggest that as the result of the emission approaching the maximum number of beats, the course will move upwards. The main advantages of investing in Bitcoin course are:

·        It considers a promising currency among investors;

·        It is possible to legalize Bitcoin;

·        Limited Emission (21 million). Today it is already 16.8 BTC. The smaller the coins become, the more expensive the currency will be.

Also, in our world, there are users who are skeptical about this issue. They believe that fraudsters are the most addicted to Bitcoin and it is unlikely that it will be equal to real money. Also negative is the changeable and unpredictable nature of BTC. You can make money as easy as you can and lose them. This can bring both incomes and large material losses. And the main reason why you should not invest in is that Bitcoin has no connection with the real world. This is a currency that exists only in the form of computer code. The mechanism of the platform can work without a dedicated server. To store the archive of all transactions in February 2019, the size of the database was 250 GB.

Today, many have begun to discuss the place of Bitcoin in the future economy. Several countries like the USA, Japan, and South Korea have shown an extreme willingness to integrate Bitcoin and other crypto currencies into their financial systems. They are setting up regulated markets that might function freely and securely.

Investors are considering the long-term development of cryptocurrency. The forecast for Bitcoin for 5 years is an increase in value by 679%. A high probability that in 2023 the crypto price will be to stand at $50044.6.

Today`s price in USD by

Today, the Bitcoin system has sufficiently reliable protection against hacking and unauthorized actions. This protection is provided by:

•   reliable and open source code, on which professional programmers from all over the world work;

•   reliable cryptographic algorithm hash function SHA256;

•   reliable protection against “51% attack”, which makes it very expensive.

Bitcoin has its own value. It is the rate that determines its rating among other coins. For March 2019, the rate of currency increased to 4,033.55 USD (0.02%) with a capitalization of $ 70.991 billion.

Vol indicator shows the activity of investors and how many total investments came to the site per day. Today the Volume of BTC is 72,179,866.02 USDT.

Our experts have analyzed BTC course for 2019 is and the next 5 years by the famous predictions. We can say that even though Bitcoin has been experiencing frequent fluctuations, it will soar up as per the predictions stated above. During the analysis of the currency, its pros outperformed the cons. Bitcoin is still the market leader, bagging the number one position and maintaining its position. Cryptocurrency course might reach the 23,500 dollars mark supposedly by the end of 2019 as the year holds good prospects and developments for BTC.

Soon, more people will begin to trust technologies and take advantage of its capabilities. This year could be a breakthrough for Bitcoin. The more the trading, the more the price.