Have you ever wanted to take part in the creation of a large international company and to have a fresh tasty beer? Then you can become a co-founder of Brewery Consortium, who, incidentally, became the leader of last week. Among all the ICO considered last week, he rated it with the most points – 85.47 from 100.

Among the 14 rating agencies we are taking into consideration, only two of them rated the project: ICObench and ICOmarks. And they gave practically opposite estimations. For example, ICObench put 4.5 points out of 5 the team, and ICOmarks-only 1 out of 10 for the team. We assume that this is due to the absence of links to the LinkedIn team profiles on the site. However, some employees can be found through the search in social networks. Our analysts, for example, have done so. Also according to ICOmarks experts, social networks activity of the team deserved low ratings (1 point out of 10) and they gave 5 out of 10 for project website. But in the evaluation of ICO Profile the opinions of both agencies almost are the same. ICObench gave for this indicator 4.58 points out of 5, and ICOmarks-7.7 out of 10. The product created by the team is also estimated by ICObench quite high – 4.7 out of 5. Let's take a closer look at what the project specifically proposes.

Brewery Consortium is created on the basis of Algarve Rock craft beer Brewery, founded in 2016 in Portugal. Later it became clear to everyone that everything from brewery workers to serious investors is interested in the full expansion of Algarve Rock Brewery. For this purpose it was decided to launch ICO. The name of the new coin will be corresponding – BEER. To promote it, the team plans to release it as prizes on beer sales. Further the coins will then be exchanged for shares of the Shareholding Company which will be formed in Zug, Switzerland after SoftCap is reached. The tokens purchase is planned to be carried out twice a year. We assume that this will additionally add to the demand for coins, causing an increase in their value. If the Soft Cap is not achieved all funds will be returned to investors. In general, the idea of collecting funds to expand an existing production is not new, but ICO is very seldom used. However, projects that already have some kind of production and raw material base are more likely to continue to develop the project without abandoning it halfway.

The main team of the project consists of only 4 people. Among them is an entrepreneur with many years of experience-Gary Hosmer, who holds the position of CEO. In his description on the site Brewery Consortium stated that Mr. Hosmer launched several projects, including independent financial comparison website и a company providing mobile applications for real estate agents. Also on his LinkedIn profile it is stated that at this moment Mr. Hosmer is also the CEO of Gastrap, a self-regenerating purifiers of gases company. On closer look, we have questions whether any of Mr. Hosmer's project works. Yes, independent financial comparison website has ceased to be supported after 2008 (though it is not clear whether it has affected by the world economic crisis or something else). But on the Gastrap site on LinkedIn is given a clear link, but it leads to a completely different resource, in no way related to any production activity. But the activity of the co-founder of the company-Neil Conchie-is traced quite clearly. He grew up with a sales manager to the operations director of the UK office of one of the IT-companies. Also we would like to mention António Manual Vilarinho Rocha, the Consultant Engineer of the project-. For almost 20 years he has worked as Engieering project manager in Carlsberg Group, one of the largest breweries. Without a doubt, this specialist has a great experience.

The White paper, frankly speaking, looks disorganized. A significant part of it is given to the description of standard elements of each ICO-project – Mission, idea, and tokens distribution, roadmap and team. However, nothing is said even about the market potential where the project works. We believe that it is unforgivable for a fully functioning company with experienced managers. They must know a priori the market, its main competitors, and their advantages in front of them. Nothing of this is in the white paper, and also there is no financial dimension of the project's potential profit. The only thing we pleased with that the token code is spelled out in the document. This team demonstrates its openness, because not all investors come to Github.

Brewery Consortium has created Social Networks accounts just recently-in early January 2019, so it is quite natural that there are almost no subscribers. The team tries and regularly lays out posts; therefore it is impossible to speak about absence of activity. We hope that in 1-2 months the team will be able to show the wonders of marketing.

In general, the project is still looking raw. A good and potentially successful idea requires a clear vision and understanding of the sequence of actions that need to be taken for implementation. The team has some difficulties with it. Well, the marketing will be fixed as the project is only started. We wish the team to get to the softcap successfully in these hard times of the bearish market.

Do you like beer and are looking for promising investment options in cryptocurrency? Then you should pay attention to the project Brewery Consortium ICO. Currency owners will have ownership of physical assets in the brewing company and receive discounts on beer sold in blockchain networks.

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