Cardano is another platform for creating decentralized applications. The project is a direct competitor to Ethereum. Since new developments are based on the best inventions and shortcomings of previous projects, they have good prospects for the future. Coins are among the ten most popular and common in the market. The capitalization of Cardano is growing, and new investors are increasingly interested in profitable deals on this platform.

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The project was launched in 2014 on a test basis. Tokens quickly gained popularity, which ensured the emergence of a new high-grade currency. The main idea of the developers is the introduction of a decentralized system for working with finances. The project provides for safe disposal of assets with minimum fees.

Cardano's cryptocurrency is based on a modern core that is easily and quickly updated. The code is based on the POS protocol. To perform the operation code is used Ouroboros. A piece of software is written in Haskell. This increases the level of data protection. The initial cost of the token was 0.02 dollars. In January 2018, the rate was 1, 28 dollars. Over the next six months, the course stabilized and settled on the value of $ 0.17. Predictions for higher prices are positive.

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Cryptocurrency values and properties

You can not decide whether the coin is worth your investment? For this you need to carefully analyze the technical properties of the currency. Our team daily collects current information and offers investors the most reliable data. We offer a currency review:

· The project uses the Ouroboros algorithm. It provides the system with mathematical accuracy;

· The code on which the project is written, has the highest degree of protection;

· Users can conduct quick transactions, work with digital assets, create and execute smart contracts;

· High speed of all transfers and absence of fees for speeding up operations;

· Anonymity for users;

· Hard forks system provides network error correction;

· All innovations are regulated by voting among investors;

· Not all exchangers offer to buy these assets;

· A small amount of processing transfers.

Coins can be stored on an online account, which will always be accessible. The disadvantage of this method is a low level of protection against hackers. You can download the entire network of coins and store assets on your computer. This is a safe option. You can use a hardware wallet (portable device) and carry money with you.

Market news today and future prospects

Recent studies prove that the Cardano project provides reliable, anonymous and fast work. Developers consistently improve the system. What are the prospects for the development and changes in the values of cryptocurrency for the next year:

· Increase the speed of transfers;

· An even greater degree of decentralization of the system;

· Issuing a debit card;

· Developing an application for smartphones.

We publish the latest news about the cryptocurrency market and the most current prices. Use this data for your purposes and make successful investments. Good luck.