What do you think, what currency we will use in shops and cafes in 10-20 years? Dollars, euros, CNY? No! The creators of the Cryptobuyer project are sure that cryptocurrencies will be used massively. Therefore, the team intends to develop in this direction. In today’s review, we will find out how successful they are.

International rating agencies, which have already evaluated the project, did not find the points for which they can seriously reduce the rating. Only Trackico reduced the rating for the team activity in social networks and gave 5 points out of 9. Although the ICOmarks experts on the contrary for team activity gave a fairly high 9 points out of 10. But ICOmarks still lowered the scores for other indicators as the ICO profile (6.9/10) and the website (7/10). In the rest of indicators, no one has made any serious claims and comments to Cryptobuyer. Perhaps the project is almost perfect, but it is also likely that the rating agencies might have missed something. Let’s look at Cryptobuyer in detail.

After a detailed study of the project, it becomes clear that Cryptobuyer is a company with more than 3 years of operations in Latin America that has consolidated in recent months as one of the largest operators of Crypto ATMs in the region, with a solid work team have managed to exceed 40 000 users in its web platform and more than 50 stores using their POS solution. The company began its history in 2015 with the provision of services to citizens of Argentina and Venezuela, where the demand for cryptocurrencies was huge due to hyperinflation and devaluation of the national currencies of these countries. The startup does not want to stop and intends to develop further. Сryptobuyer will help solve the problems that stand in the way of mass adoption by giving people a way to use their cryptocurrencies by providing merchants with PoS solutions, and providing the people access to a vast Crypto ATM Network that they can use to buy and sell. At the moment the company works in three directions and it is developing the fourth one.

1) ATM. The ATM network of Cryptobuyer operate with a large variety of digital currencies and can integrate any other available currency in the future.

2) POS. Now it has QR Code reading technology, the most accessible and known for any type of device, and in the future, it will include NFC (Near-field communication), which will allow it to be integrated to more modern platforms and devices.

3) Web Platform. This resource is the result of a detailed study of consumer behavior. Emphasis is on users who make payments and online banking transactions.

4) Mobile Application. This direction is actively being developed. It will gather all the platforms that Cryptobuyer has created for 3 years in one place.

As you can see, the team approached ICO already with a ready, working product, which means that the success of the project can be assured. But to be definitively sure, you should look at the team.

First of all, we want to highlight the CEO Jorge Farias, who has been managing the company since December 2015 Mr. Farias is a founder, director and member of the board of directors in several blockchain companies located in Panama and Chile. It seems that this is the person who lives in the blockchain industry and strives to develop in this direction. Another notable member of the team is CTO Ruben Colina, a developer with many years of experience. A year after he started working for Cryptobuyer, he founded SmartPeguin Technologies, his own company which provides IT services. He continues to work for Cryptobuyer. We do not know how he manages to combine projects in different companies (it is not easy to do for the developer), but in our opinion, Mr. Colina as well as Mr. Farias works extensively, and it affects favorably on the results of his work. The rest of the team are also pretty good experts in their fields, and none of their career path in LinkedIn makes any doubt, so we can leave the team and go to the White Paper.

We do not know how much time was spent on its design, but it looks unsightly. Even pages are not numbered, and there are definitely no any graphs or illustrations. Also, unfortunately, there are no financial and economic indicators, which the team plans to achieve in the future. Of course, most ICO projects do not specify it in their White Paper, but an experienced team should think of such things. But in the White Paper a lot of attention is paid to the strategic development of the project: what markets it is going out, with which companies the project is entering into partnership agreements, etc. This compensates for the lack of financial component. In general, the White Paper looks uncompleted, and it spoils the overall impression of the project.

The team chose Facebook as the main channel of promotion with almost 12 thousand subscribers. The second one is Twitter (6500 subscribers). Pretty decent indicators. However, we are very interested in the question – why doesn’t the team use Telegram? Today, this messenger is very popular in the crypto community, so it is rather recklessly to ignore such a significant channel of promotion. We hope the team will come up with a channel or chat for their community to be able to actively communicate with existing investors and to attract new ones.

As a conclusion we would like to say that for consolidation of the success the team need only a wider project PR among investors and careful elaboration of the White Paper to show that the team knows clearly what they want. Nevertheless, Cryptobuyer is a very promising project with a great potential, a strong team and a working, high-demanded product.


Cryptobuyer – payment platform, which allows users to perform different operations with crypto currency. Service bills payments, gift cards, refills and so on.

XPT ICO: what should you know about that

Cryptobuyer begins its history in December of 2015. The main goal – to help people, which are living in countries with high hyperinflation and devaluation. For example, Venezuela and Argentina.

System is successful here, there are more than 50,000 registered users, which have come in a very short time and in organic manner. Cryptobuyer ICO remains an attractive opportunity for investments due to steady increase of users` number.

This ICO is a specific bridge that is trying to connect fiat world with the digital one by:

·        Crypto ATMs equipment;

·        Destroying borders in knowledge and digital education of users and potential users;

·        Demonstrating that technologies are easy in use.

Company is willing to solve the main problems that stand in the way of extensive use of crypto currency. Increasing the number of ATMs, providing merchants with PoS machines and simplification of customers access to crypto wallets easier will make cryptocurrency convenient and profitable in daily use. 

Mission of Cryptobuyer is to make cryptocurrencies closer to the people allowing them to buy, sell, send and spend their actives. It is future. We are waiting for it!

Cryptobuyer ICO overall review:

·        Cryptobuyer plans on being an industry leader, with every intention of being apart of the future growth of cryptocurrencies;

·        Providing an alternative payment method for businesses; 

·        Offering financial inclusion and helping fight against inflation and economic

collapse by giving people easy access to crypto currencies;

·        Giving people control over their finances, instead of trusting institutions;

·        Expanding across Latin America before expanding globally.

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