Cryptolaboratory – is the team, that investigate cryptocurrency and everything connected with them in all possible aspects. Every day our specialists are search, analysis, structuring of all information about decentralized digital currency platforms. All our developers, analytics, operators, designers create unique products thanks to which you will are aware of all the latest changes in the crypto world. The main point is to help you invest efficiently.

We have created a platform where all traders can take interest in news, ratings, review, and forecasts on the cryptocurrency market.

•   Pro ICO data (we have collected ratings of the world rating agencies and have deduced the most objective estimation);

•   Pro crypto data (we indicated 23 most important indicators that will help to determine the confidence in a particular currency for investor, trader, mainer and issuers of cryptocurrencies);

•   Pro ICO analytics (the resource that represents the most complete catalogue of ICO-related sites);

•   Pro crypto analytics (reference book in which currency grouped into six thematic groups of covering absolutely all spheres);

•   Crypto news (topical news rating which in turn will allow you not to read the entire volume of daily information).

If you decide to start making money on the cryptocurrency market, then we suggest sorting out its essence and analyze the main indicators of its.

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Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that is not controlled by any financial institution. The advantage of its use is that its cost does not depend on any of the possible factors (policy, a condition of banks, financial position).

On our site, you can find ratings andedictions of the world's most popular currencies. We provide for users up-to-date information about the state of the real-time cryptocurrency market from a different crypto stock exchange. In order to successfully earn, you must always be aware of all the circumstances. After all, the exchange rate is very volatile, so the situation may change at any minute. Each user must learn to earn income from any change in course, whether it has fallen or grown. That is, the essence of the cryptocurrency market is that earnings are made on a positive or negative rate relative to two currencies. Sell more expensive and buy cheaper.

An easy way to track the volatile digital currencies prices and ratings

Also, we will offer you an overview of the most popular cryptocurrencies for 2019. According to experts, the most promising currencies which will take you money are:

·        Bitcoin is the most famous, popular and stable currency that heads any ratings. Today, it more than 87 billion of current capital. It`s used by Fidor Bank, airBaltic, Subway, Banco Masventas, MasterCard, IBM. And Bitcoin price is about 5000 dollars;

·        Litecoin - an improved analog of Bitcoin with a low commission and the ability to scale. It`s used by Benz and Beamer, Spare Key, Edenprojects, Austrian Post Offices, Save the children, Revolut. Now. It has a value of 87 dollars. Current capital Litecoin is more than 5 billion dollars;

·        Ethereum is one of the biggest currencies of capitalization. The platform is for the conclusion of smart contracts with current capital more than 17 billion dollars. it`s used by Decentralized Options Exchange Etheropt, Platform for monetization of games FreeMyVunk, Social economic platform Backfeed. And Ethereum price is 163 dollars;

·        Tron - the currency of the same name platform based on the blockchain. Capitalization is 5.7 billion dollars. Price value is 0.03 dollars. It`s used by N/A;

·        EOS has a capitalization of token 15 billion dollars. The price is more than 5200dollars. It`s used by Marketplace EOSfinex;

·        NEO is a promising currency for implementing the idea of a smart economy. In the latest news the current capitalization is 841 million dollars and the NEO price is about 13dollars.

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There is the smallest part of the popular currencies. So, for successful work, each trader should take into account the real state of the digital currency market and also will learn to analyze and predict. If you want to learn more about the core of cryptocurrencies and its specifications, visit our blog where Cryptolabaratory authors frequently share their own observations with specialists from whole over the world.

How to work with the USA currency and digital tokens?

Also, the success of your work depends on which stock exchange you will use for trading and which wallet to transfer money. A stock exchange is a virtual resource where you exchange one cryptocurrency for another. On each of them, there are pairs with which you can work. For example, BTC / LTC means that Bitcoin can be exchanged for Lightcoin. Cryptocurrency exchanges differ only in their functionality. Therefore, in the start, you should consider the active type of cryptocurrency, the possibility of input-output, the presence of commissions, the reliability of user data protection and daily trading volumes.

When making a successful transaction, you can withdraw funds from the exchange or leave them for further work. This will help you make a crypto wallet. It can be "hot" or "cold." Now there are many types of them. The main thing is to choose for yourself the most convenient, fast and easy to use.

By highlighting for yourself the determining factors of successful earnings, you can soon get income and high ratings.