Dash is a cryptocurrency that uses the Darsend mechanism to anonymously conduct all transactions. This difference led to rapid growth in the capitalization of the currency. Dash is a decentralized system. The main goal of the project is to make cryptocurrency as liquid as fiat money. Dash is the first digital currency that is completely based on anonymity. The developers used the Bitcoin code as a base and supplemented it with a unique encryption algorithm. The technology of working with currency is unique.

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It provides the ability to send anonymous transactions. Shuffling of denominations to create anonymous transactions must be carried out manually in the cryptocurrency wallet. The user can select the number of rounds of mixing - from one to eight (the more rounds, the greater the level of anonymity). To prevent abuse of this function for mixing is charged.

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We offer to consider the values of cryptocurrency on the market. Like every ICO project, a currency has its own advantages and disadvantages:

·        Low fees. Transaction fees are charged, but it is lower than in banks;

·        Instant transaction;

·        The anonymity of transactions. Dash is the first potentially anonymous currency, because the user can select this function;

·        Two-tier network to verify transactions;

·        Users can participate in the development of the network - to offer their projects;

·        Enhanced security. A special encryption algorithm minimizes hacker attacks.

·        A small flaw of the platform is the lack of open statistics on the use of funds for network development.

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More information about currency rates

Experts examine latest cryptocurrency rates, the general situation on the market, and highlight the following prospects for the development of the project:

·        The algorithm of consensus provides increased decentralization and security of the network;

·        Dash has a very strong community that popularizes the coin in every way and encourages the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

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Dash is a very popular cryptocurrency, so you can buy it on almost any exchange or exchanger for BTC, ETH, USDT cryptocurrency, as well as for fiat currency - dollar, euro, ruble. Follow the prices on our website and multiply your capital. Good luck.