EOS cryptocurrency is based of blockchain technology. But unlike many alternative coins, EOS is among the ten most capitalized. The objective of the project is to take market share from Ethereum, making a more scalable block chain. EOS is a platform on which developers can create decentralized applications. Project tokens holders can put their coins to finance the making of applications on the platform’s network.

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We present a review of the advantages of the platform:

·        Scalable. The network supports thousands of commercial-scale applications. There are functions of parallel execution, asynchronous and others;

·        The project offers role-based permissions, the ability to fix broken applications;

·        Coin has a web-based interface development tool;

·        EOS marks do not have a predetermined price, and the course of tokens is determined by market demand.

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If you are planning to buy coins, then consider price predictions and bonuses that are presented to holders of tokens:

·        Commissions are charged within the system;

·        Entry to storages in the blockchain;

·        Impact on system management;

·        Access to applications developed in the system;

·        Dividends from EOS;

·        Airdrop - distribution of cryptocurrencies that exist within the network.

The platform software introduces a new blockchain architecture. It makes it easier vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications. Some of the features of the platform include accounts, authentication, databases, and application planning on hundreds of cores or clusters of CPUs. Behind EOS there is a demanded project aimed at to exclude cons from the blockchain technology and create a platform that is unique in speed for transactions.

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