Ethereum is always in the top cryptocurrency and is a serious threat to Bitcoin. This is one of the most commonly used coins. Her story began in 2013. Nowadays, koin’s popularity is only growing. This is the functional base for creating decentralized applications. The platform is effectively used to store information and conduct various transactions. They allow most operations to be performed without human control. This level of automation platform promises great success to the project.

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The platform works in the Solidity language. It is similar in many characteristics to JavaScript. Thanks to this programmers, easy and convenient to work in the system. Сycles, variables, and conditionals are available in this programming language.

Reviews and news in the world of cryptocurrency

We present a small review of the technical properties and capabilities of the Ethereum currency:

·        simple process of creating new cryptocurrency assets;

·        presence of two-factor user authentication;

·        launching tasks to raise money for various projects;

·        voting;

·        authentication of files and information stored on the blockchain;

·        creation of a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

The advantages of using the Ethereum platform for investors:

·        the project has the support of large market players;

·        there is an Enterprise Ethereum Alliance group, which includes enterprises and banks that use currency;

·        active start-up and promotion of technology are observed;

·        there are plans to move to a more modern Proof of Stake;

·        the currency takes the second place by capitalization;

·        the platform is trusted by experts;

·        high user security;

·        resistance to hacker attacks;

·        transaction history is stored in the blockchain.

Currency prices now

On our site contains current exchange rates for today. But what to expect in the future? What predictions do the experts make? As practice shows, when Bitcoin grows or falls, many other coins follow it. But the Ethereum platform gradually turns into an independent system. Unlike Bitcoin itself and many other coins, broadcast is not only a payment tool, but also a high-tech platform for new projects. We can assume that the paths of Bitcoin and Ethereum will diverge in the future.

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Projects that successfully develop on the Eth platform will strengthen its position and provide the basis for further growth. Bitcoin and other coins intended only for payments will develop in their own direction.

Our team is engaged in a comprehensive study of the cryptocurrency market. We have released several special analytics tools. Information of currency value today publishes on the site daily. Follow this data and competently build your trading strategy. The most current costs and the latest news - only with us.