Modern centralized cryptocurrency exchanges have significant shortcomings both in safety and in the detection of fraud projects while listing to Exchange. This list can be continued by dozens of different problems that discourage most users. The EXCOLONY project, which was added to our base last week, promises to solve these difficulties. Today we will consider it in more detail. 

Traditionally, we start with the evaluations of agencies that have given their estimations to EXCOLONY. According to experts’ opinion the team has the highest level of estimations. ICOmarks considered that it is worth the maximum rating and put 10 points. Following it, TrackICO also evaluated the team for a maximum of 4 points. Foxico rated slightly worse-7.8 out of 10, and ICObench 4.3 out of 5. The ICO profile showed slightly less result (but also worthy). ICOmarks, for example, put 8.9 points out of 10 for it; TrackICO gave 13 points out of 14; Foxico – 8.7 out of 10; ICObench rated this indicator at 4.3 points out of 5. Estimations of other indicators are also above average and they look very attractive in the background of most projects, so we suggest not stop on them and move to the product, developed by the project. 

The EXCOLONY team intends to create a new cryptocurrency exchange, without all the disadvantages of the competitors: insufficient protection of investors ' funds, lack of deposit insurance, the inability of the exchanges to adapt to the rapid changes of consumer preferences, absence of rigid check of the tokens added on Exchange, absence of multilingual interface. This will be the platform for providing compatibility between all transaction bodies around the world and creating an ecosystem which allows real-time transactions and data sharing with low cost. As the developers claim, EXCOLONY will combine the reliability of decentralized exchanges and the speed of centralized ones. The special role in the project is planned to allocate to artificial intellect. Traders will be able to use AI to predict the trend and receive notifications about its change, solve problems with it without contacting the support service, etc. Another "feature" of the exchange will be Security Digital Asset Fund for Users (SAFU). EXCOLONY will allocate 10% of all profit received into SAFU to offer protection to its users and their funds in extreme cases. As you can see, the plans of the developers are enormous, but you need to understand whether there are sufficient skills to implement them. So, let’s take a look at the team.

The team of the project is quite young and according to the data on the site, consists of 9 people. Almost all of them previously worked in different divisions of IT-company VTC Intecom. Unfortunately, as it follows from the LinkedIn profiles of the team, none of them had previously worked neither in the investment business, nor in trading, but the guys managed to show themselves in other directions. For example, Nhat Minh Hoang, the CEO held the position of Director of Game Global Department in VTC Intecom for more than a year. Tien Van Vu, the HBO, is Head Of International Business Development department for two years. But Phuc Duong Duc, listed on the project site as his CMO, though he held high positions in several companies, but in his LinkedIn profile he did not indicate that he is CMO in EXCOLONY. Perhaps he may not have considered this stage of his labor path important enough. The project also has a Marketing Executive in the face of Hoa Ngoc. It is not clear why the project has two marketing managers. Unless they're planning a very aggressive market entry. To be honest, the analysis of the team does not allow to unambiguously answer whether the guys have enough skills and knowledge to achieve success, or they will create only another cryptoexchange, similar to hundreds of others.

The white paper of the project is a 65-page document describing basically what the EXCOLONY Exchange will be different from the competition and what problems it solves. Everything, of course, is written in great detail, but in the document we did not find a line either about the price policy, or the presupposed sources of income, or about the markets the company will go into in the first turn. In addition, the project has a lot of competitors, which will meet a new player in this market without a joy. The team does not consider it necessary to conduct their analysis for some reason, stating that it will be just the best. Of course, such confidence in the product is commendable, but it is unlikely to be enough to win a significant share of the market.

However, considering the significant project community in social networks, it is worth believing that there will be regular customers. Facebook has the largest number of EXCOLONY subscribers - almost 28 thousand people. On the second place is Twitter with 4 thousand of subscribers. The most unpopular is Telegram, where the project has about 3500 followers. This is, of course, unwise, because most of the crypto community uses this messenger.

As a result, we can say that the strongest side of the project is ICO profile and additional "features", allowing to distinguish it from many competitors. The EXCOLONY team is young and energetic, but has no experience in the investment business. This may slow down the process of product development, although not much. The project community in Telegram also need to be increased, as it will lead to better recognition and, as a result, attract large investments. We hope that the project will succeed.

Our young team actively explores the cryptocurrency market, ICO projects and blockchain platforms that benefit our users.

Our experts collect current information about the latest changes in the world of cryptocurrency. The developers of Cryptolaboratory offer a product that will help you to make money.

We would like to present a review of the project Excolony. This cryptocurrency platform provides the ability to use an offline mapping mechanism. Also, it provides the ability to conduct many fast and complex transactions, and effectively handle complex orders.

This is the platform for providing compatibility between all transaction bodies around the world and creating an ecosystem that allows real-time transactions and data sharing with low cost.

Rating of Excolony using effectiveness in currency exchange

The Excolony ICO project has received high marks of 4.1 by the 5 experts rating. This system looks very attractive in the background of most projects. It is easy to use. Trading on the cryptocurrency market is easy thanks to the convenient interface.

The main idea of the developers - to combine the reliability of decentralized exchanges and the speed of the centralized ones. The developers paid a large amount of attention to the security of the trading. They have developed a specialized system that identifies the adverse effects of external network factors. They will spend 5% of the capital and 10% of annual profits for your safe use of the exchange.

Excolony ICO compensates for all attachments to its users if a hacker attack occurs. 70% of EXC tokens are reimbursed to traders if deposits of traders are lost. The creators created the fund "Safe Asset and User Insurance (SAUF)" to avoid this. They allocate 10% of the profit to maintain them.

This platform has a competent affiliate program. Excolony ICO supports 20 languages and has its own payment system. It uses innovative tools of trading: VIP-risk management, artificial intelligence, trading, trust management.

Price of the Excolony currency token

Excolony is the first exchanger that uses artificial intelligence in trading and provides SAFU insurance for hacked users. This is an innovative investment platform with great potential. The development team has set aside a portion of the funds raised to pay compensation and rewards to their customers. This exchange forms the funds and makes a profit from the trading commission.

Excolony just started its work and offers a good reward for completing tasks. Also, at the centralized exchange you can earn a token through:

● reposts and likes;

● Commission discounts;

● bonuses;

● VIP packages;

● emission reduction;

● increased liquidity due to currency pairs;

● additional liquidity due to the PayGate payment system;

● due to ICCO mechanism;

● Payment of VIP-packages and ICO insurance in EXC tokens, which will increase demand in conditions of limited supply.

We offer you an innovative investment platform that is ready to handle many trades and support complex signs. In the latest news the value of tokens sold in ICO is $ 1,128,000. Now Price in ICO is 0.5000 USD. The market capitalization is 486 BTC.