Most digital market participants are aware of the existence of the NEO currency. It is located on the platform of the same name. But even not all users of this service understand why there is an additional account for the currency GAS in the wallet. This cryptocurrency is one of the important means of payment within the NEO blockchain. It can only be obtained through the use of NEO coins. Each payment using NEO adds a secondary currency to the wallets within the system.

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Currency takes a good position in the market. Due to the popularity of the NEO platform, the currency gained confidence from investors. We offer a small review advantage of GAS coins:

· Algorithm Proof Of Stake provides resistance to hacker attacks. Investor data is maximally protected from hacking;

· New blocks are formed on a specific system. This allows you to save on electricity;

· Increased level of anonymity. The system stores only information about the operations and amounts;

· Minimum commission;

· All users have the same rank, regardless of the time the system is used and the amount of funds in the wallet.

Value and properties of cryptocurrency

The currency has a specific mining. It can only be obtained by owning the main currency of the NEO platform. For all NEO holders, the process of crediting an additional GAS coin account will be something like a dividend payment. Tokens are stored in the NEO wallet. There are two types of wallets:

· browser (represented by a crypto community);

· official developer wallet (desktop, mobile, browser).

The use of the NEO platform and the GAS cryptocurrency reduces the costs of implementing various financial transactions and makes it possible to save time. The NEO platform is the first Chinese open source project. Its founders have serious ambitions, and even declared that they intend to become the national cryptocurrency of China. In 2018, the Gas token continued to be used as payment for the creation and support of smart contracts on the NEO platform. Therefore, the demand for this cryptocurrency did not fall. The price of GAS cryptocurrency directly depends on the development of the blockchain platform NEO. According to the NEO roadmap, the team will continue to work on increasing decentralized applications and improving smart contracts. So the GAS token will not lose popularity.

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GAS currency forecasts for cryptolab

According to the latest news of the digital market and the project development roadmap, you can count on such prospects:

· Priority for the next year - increasing the decentralization of the site and its currencies;

· Improving the voting mechanism within the platform;

· Exchange of technology with other promising services;

· Increase transaction speed.

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