The number of ICO projects that appeared in the first week after the New year is significantly less than in the usual time. Of course, there is also the impact of the fall of cryptocurrencies, which lasted all last year and intensified in November. However, our experts continue to add new ICO, scrupulously collecting information about them all over the Internet. Today we offer you a project with the best rating of the reviewed by us last week. We'll talk about Worldopo, with 86.61 points out of 100 possible.

The evaluation of the crypto Laboratory is based on the ratings of 14 major rating agencies, which are analyzed by our experts. After that, we count weighted average estimate based on the site traffic of each Agency. Of the 14 agencies Worldopo was estimated by 9 agencies that highly appreciated ICOProfile. ICOmarks gave 8.8 points out of 10 for this parameter, ICOholder - 4.78 out of 5, ICObench – 4.9 out of 5, and the maximum possible score was given by TrackICO - 14 points. The team is rated almost the same level: Foxico has put 6.8 points out of 10, ICOholder – 4.25 out of 5, the maximum possible score was given by ICOmarks and TrackICO – 10 and 4 points, respectively. Agencies’ opinion differed during the evaluation of the social activity of the project. Thus, ICOholder considered that this parameter worthy only 2.58 of 5 points, while ICOmarks rated it 10 out of 10. Well, during the review let's try to understand, which of them is still right, but first consider the project itself closer.

Worldopo is a multiplayer mobile game combining the technologies of augmented reality, blockchain and geopositioning. The developers assure that «Worldopo is a true revolution in mobile gaming, easy accessible and yet complex like the real life itself». During the game, users are divided into two categories - Landlords и Makers. Landlords are the owners of original plots of land – Hexagons, where Makers can build different buildings or factories, produce necessary resources for themselves and other players, trade them, earn and develop. It is a kind of economic crypto simulator, designed for a wide audience.

The ability to withdraw the money earned in the game is especially attractive. Actually, this feature is available in all games built on the blockchain, but since such games have not yet become widespread, not so many people know about it. For those who are not familiar with the distinctive features of blockchain games, we briefly list them:

1)     Real ownership of items and in-game currency;

2)     Uniqueness and value of in-game assets;

3)     Decentralized gaming economy;

4)     Transparent sharing of in-game assets.

All these features are present in Worldopo. There are reasons to believe that due to its features games built on the blockchain will gain popularity everywhere in the near future. In the meantime, let's see who is engaged in the creation of this project.

There are 21 people in the project team, without advisors, however, there are only 6 LinkedIn profiles shown at project’s web site. Immediately the question arises: "Has the rest of the team nothing to proud of? Or they have not worked before?" If you believe the descriptions on the website, the whole team is highly qualified specialists. Some have even more than 15 years of work. However, we are used to rely on more or less independent resources, so consider only the part of the team that is registered in LinkedIn. First and foremost, of course, we need to pay attention at Worldopo’s CEO – Sebastian Schneider. He is an experienced entrepreneur, having more than 8 years in the development of IT companies. Moreover mr.Schneider has an MBA. We are sure it has a positive impact on his management skills. A similar positive impression is formed about Sergey Sergeyenko, who holds the position of CTO in the project. Developer with extensive experience, mr.Sergeenko managed to work in Ukraine, Russia and Germany at different positions. Broad specialists tend to be very effective managers. They have knowledge in many related areas and are able to make decisions, analyzing all possible results. Schneider and Sergeenko are two key figures of the company responsible for the strategic planning and development of the project. Judging by their previous experience, the project is in good hands.

We must admit that the team did very hard work writing a white paper. 56-page document at 17% consists of a description of the situation in the gaming industry. The distinctive features of blockchain games are described in detail; necessary for the expansion of the audience expenses are calculated; the indicators of industry indices showing the commercial prospects of the industry are given; even gender factors in attracting users are indicated. It can be noticed that the team knows this market from the inside. In addition, the description of competitors and advantages of Worldopo are given. A slightly smaller part of the white paper describes the game mechanics, the internal economy and the development of smart contracts. In short, the team was very sensitive to the preparation of this document, and, in our opinion, white paper deserves the highest rating.

Promotion of the project is also very successful. This is eloquently evidenced by the number of subscribers in the main means of communication of the team with investors – Telegram-chat, where the project has more than 50 thousand subscribers. Facebook is in the second place in popularity with 11 thousand subscribers. Twitter is a little behind. There the project has only 8700 fans that, in principle, is still a very good result. As you can see, the games in the crypto community are held in high esteem, so it is not clear why the ICOholder experts lowered the rating for the promotion of the project.

In conclusion, we would like to note that only high-quality, detailed projects with an experienced team and strong community support can still succeed in raising funds via ICO. As we found out, Worldopo has each of these characteristics.

How do we make our reviews?

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ICO – relatively young form of investment. Its appearance relates to development and establishment of cryptocurrency. This term is abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering.

If you are interested in cryptocurrency, you probably have faced this term. In simple words, ICO is cryptocurrency crowdfunding, that is, collection of funds for something. Often, projects that relate to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are involved in ICO.

IPO and ICO have a lot in common in the United States. The main difference lies in the fact that IPO investors buy securities (shares) for fiat currency and ICO investors for domestic currency of the project – the token.

The main goal of cryptocurrency crowdfunding initiators is to sell as much tokens as they can. Or rather, sell sufficient number of coins for their project development. Coin`s real value remains uncertain by the moment when the project enters the Exchange.

Buying side, that is, investors can use tokens in the future. They might be spent for services or goods that are listed and provided by ICO. Investors could even gain dividend or sell tokens in the case when their value will rise.

Detailed examination of matter in the USA

ICO, being a form of investment engagement for cryptocurrency projects, does not include any regulatory framework. It means that any legal person or individual is able to initiate the primary placement of coins. In doing so, project is not tested and audited. Almost all the works are organized online.

Main ICO`s goal is idea. Found collection is carried out for idea/project realization. As usual, procedure consists of few stages:

·        An announcement. ICO`s initiators tell about their idea in general terms. On this stage it exists only on paper or in the heads of developers. The objective: to exam potential investor`s interest, give informative answers to basic questions. Announcements are held on electronic media, social media and as a conference. Discussion between developers and investors takes place.

·        Offer. It`s proposal for cooperation. In ICO`s case – for investment. Notwithstanding that ICO has independent form and has no regulation, it must be attached to some  прикреплено к какому-то legal person. Offer comes from its behalf.

·        Then terms of implementation, necessary found and tokens emission are read out. Special site or presentation with project lists might be created. Sometimes developers carry out the prior sell of the tokens.

·        Marketing campaign. It starts when everything is almost ready. Unlike the case with an announcement, here startup can tell much more about its product, show conditions for investments, goals, technical details. Marketing campaign is held on electronic media, social media, as a conference or on thematical online resources.

·        Start of the sales. It`s called crowdsale or tokensale. Initially, startup invites investors to buy the token inside its platform (website). Later, sales are available on public cryptocurrency exchangers. ICO startup`s entrance to the exchanger is taken as a proof of project`s viability. It is far too similar with standard crowdfunding or venture capital.

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