As we expected the first quarter of 2019 showed worse result than the previous period. Total number of ICOs and amount of raised investments show that. 381 tokensales were finished in Q4 2018 and only 108 projects announced data about attracted investments. But only 279 ICOs completed their tokensales in Q1 2019. 58 of them announced amount of attracted investments. Obviously, there is downward trend. Talking about amount of investments, we can mention that ICOs attracted $284.38 million in Q1 2019, while in Q4 2018 this figure was $1.60 billion. In other words, the ICO projects have attracted 5.64 times less money than in the previous quarter! Below you can see the full list of ICO projects, which completed tokensales from 01.01.2009 to 03.31.2019 and the amount of investments attracted by them.

As for the reasons for such a sharp decline, we will make their detailed analyze in our traditional monthly ICO market review, which will be released in the near future.

April 4, update: according to updated data we received from some ICOs, total attracted investments at Q1 2019 are $302 million (see renewed table).

Cryptolaboratory reserves the right to update the information in case we receive new data.