We want to introduce you review of the official organization, which was founded in 2015. Non-profit activities focused on the concept of the Internet of things. It is based not on the usual blockchain platform, but on the new Tangle non-block technology. Tangle is a directed acyclic graph (a generalization of the blockchain protocol).

This platform is designed to protect and efficiently transfer transactional data and payments without fees between Internet devices. The essence of Iota is a more innovative development of blockchain technology to ensure the applicability of cryptocurrency on the Internet of things.

Current news from cryptanalysts for today

In other words, this platform exists in an area where it integrates things (devices, equipment, information, operations) into a single global network. It offers autonomous communication management between participants in business processes. The IOTA project uses the Qubic platform for its operations. It will enable unlimited new use cases and turn the IOTA Project into a full solution. Today it is used by Microsoft, Bosch, Volkswagen, BiiLabs, United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and other companies.

IOTA has a major advantage. It is a set without commissions. If there are no miners in it, then you do not need to charge for money transfers. This is a very profitable project for micro and even nano-transactions.

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Cryptocurrency value has gained worldwide approval. IOTA will revolutionize the Internet. IOTA will create a true machine-to-machine economy. IOTA will revolutionize the internet and create a Web 3.0 where any connected device can safely flow data through the peer to peer system and where machines can trade with each other. IOTA will create a true machine-to-machine economy. The platform has a stable, workable system that is capable of processing thousands of transactions at high speed. It is well scalable even when exposed to increased loads.

IOTA functionality allows you to perform an unlimited number of operations for any amount. You can do this offline. The platform is based on intellectual intelligence, which allows you to share keys, forms, access.

The platform brings together its users in a symbiotic ecosystem. It does not belong to anyone and is not controlled. IOTA establishes trust in an open, permission less system and enables secure data sharing and monetary exchange.

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The high rate in the start development

The platform uses IOTA currency. Today, analysts predict the popularity of this cryptocurrency. After all, the project is successfully developing, the ideas and functionality of the company are in demand, the prospects for development are great. The platform maintains a high level of security. The moment that attracts users the most is the commission-free transaction.

IOTA is the native token of the IOTA protocol and has a fixed supply of 2779530 million. For March 2019, the cryptocurrency price is 0.302 USD. The current capital is 839769475 USD. The protocol uses such names as MegaIota (MIOTA) and GigaIota (GIOTA). The token is designed for use as a payment network between machines on the Internet of Things.