Last week we, as well as our subscribers, were surprised by the number of points scored by the Lynked.World project. Few of the projects gets more than 80 points, and this project has got 93.51 points out of 100 possible from the Cryptolaboratory! In today's review, we will try to find out whether there is something special in this project, and whether it is worthy of its assessments.

Let's start with the ratings of international agencies. It makes no sense to list all the parameters for which the project has received high marks. There are a lot of them. The indicators that decline the overall rating are of greater interest. Among the ratings given by ICObench, the lowest was the score for the product – 4.4 points out of 5. ICOmarks lowered the score for the site, giving 7 points out of 10. ICObazar, on the contrary, highly appreciated the project site (5 out of 5), but the team in its opinion deserves only 4.3 points out of 5. For Fixico experts the project advisors look most unpresentable and the agency has given only 6.6 points out of 10 possible. Foundico put the maximum score on all indicators except marketing. It gets 9.5 out of 10 points from the agency. And only Trackico gave the project the highest possible score for all indicators. As you can see, for each agency found its flaws and shortcomings in Linked.World. And we will analyze further their significance.

The product developed by the project is a complete ecosystem designed to create specific forms and applications that meet the needs of the business. At the same time, users can be sure of the authenticity of the used digital documents, as the ecosystem is built on the blockchain. It is impossible to fake anything. As much as you would like to do it. The ecosystem will include:

1) Digital Identity and Background Verification Platform;

2) Digital Wallet for sharing identity and documents that are verifiable on the blockchain;

3) Application Development Platform with easy to use configurable forms;

4) Verified and Trusted Professional Network;

5) Job Portal.

In fact, the main goal of the project is to eliminate the need for any intermediate person, organization or channel, for the purpose of validating the authenticity of identity and data users provide on digital platforms. It should be noted that the intention is very noble and, more importantly, the result promises to be in demand. In this age of universal computerization, forgery of digital documents is not difficult. The project, which will be the first to offer the best solution, will become the market leader. The quality of Linked.World solution mostly depends on the team, and we will consider it now

In our opinion, the team in the project is strong, but only in technical terms. Out of the 21 employees represented on the site, 16 are programmers and developers. Moreover, the senior staff of the IT Department worked for several years in large international companies. For example, Satya Prakash, the Chief Cloud Architect of the project, worked for Hitachi consulting for almost 10 years, and Rishi, CTO, worked for the world's largest international TV and broadband company Liberty Global for 7 years. But we have not found some significant achievements of other top managers. Alexander Mamasidikov, the Chief Marketing Officer of the project holds a similar position in the startup ADAB Solutions and he is a Marketing Advisor in the Humancoin company. We do not know how energetic Alexander is, but will it be enough for the development of three projects at once? The CEO of the project is Mr. Kumar and he holds senior positions in 3 more organizations apart Lynked.World, but we have not found any information about them. What they do, if have any commercial results - nothing is known. Summing up the team review, we can say that we are absolutely sure of the technical part of the project, but the experience of the other members and spraying their forces on other companies and projects challenge the success of the ICO. However, if the team is ambitious and focused on the result, the lack of experience in this area will not stop it.

Unlike the team, the white paper does raise the questions. Furthermore, the document worked so thoroughly that it is time to set an example to the majority of ICO projects. The need to use blockchain is described on the first pages of the white paper. The forecast of the growth of the number of platform users, the planned cash flow (which almost any project does not make) is given. Also in the white paper Linked.World there is the comparison of the project with its competitors, which means that the team understands the competitive environment and understands what advantages a startup should have in order to attract more users. We believe that such a detailed white paper led to the formation of the team's understanding of the market potential, its features and the main players. A clear understanding of these factors is one of the keys to success.

The main channel of communication between the startup and potential investors is Telegram. Here Linked.World has very impressive number of followers - almost 80 thousand people (!!!). Few people can boast of such figures. However, on Twitter and Facebook the number of followers is several times lower (12 000 and 7 000, respectively). However, the results look very decent and we believe that the high scores from ICOmarks and Trackico are well deserved. The site also looks very decent.

Summing up our review, we can say that Lynked.World is a very promising project, the potential success of which, among other things, is supported by several profile awards, which it has managed to get and a ready prototype (MVP), where all team members are registered. Strong IT-specialists undoubtedly will provide competent technical implementation of all conceived features of the ecosystem, and investors will ensure the demand for tokens.

This review is focused on an unusual and fun ICO project – Lynked.World. We will discuss how blockchain technology and smart contracts are implemented in the industry of identification and digital data transferring. Details of this ICO are worth to be explained thoroughly.

Lynked World is a decentralized platform. Its basis – blockchain technology. It allows to transfer and control digital data, documents and other confidential information both for individual and legal person.

Lynked World provides safe platform for private citizens and companies, helps them to own, control and share identities in digital form.

Lynked World decision is a platform for verification of digital identity, education and professional experience. Blockchain security provides blocks of irrefutable digital data, that has never been at risk. Platform allows users to control their personal digital information and share it with co-workers, agencies and business directly.

Lynked World ecosystem is a general decision. It is full-fledged platform with applications, that has been designed from the ground up. Use it to benefit from the opportunities offered with blockchain technology.

This platform is based on Ethereum blockchain and consists of functional modules that are various. They solve actual problems related to confidence, digital certificates, documents and data authenticity.

What functions does Lynked World consists of?

They are:

·        Digital wallet Lynked World. It allows users to keep their digital data and documents.

·        Blockchain identification. You are able to transfer identity documents by using custom QR-code.

·        Platform for developers. It helps to develop the applications, guarantee reliability and authenticity of documents and data.

ICO specifics:

·        Token`s name – LYNK;

·        Platform – Ethereum;

·        Token`s value – 1 LYNK = 0.35 USD;

·        Hard Cap - 25,000,000 USD

·        Soft Cap - 5,000,000 USD

·        Country – the Netherlands.

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