NEO cryptocurrency has its own website Its previous domen name -

So far, Neo takes 17s place in coinmarketcap rate. Its capitalization - $ 600 680 000 and one token`s value - $ 9,01. One hundred coins are inherent in NEO algorithm. 50 000 of them are in circulation. The rest are banned on smart-contract. Only after the year of project`s life they will become available and will be used in NEO`s development.

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Exchange cryptocurrency name – ANS. It has remained from old project`s name.

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NEO cryptocurrency was established on September 9, 2016. Actually, it has become available for the purchase on exchange. It is important to note, that NEO is called a Chinese Ethereum. Here are the reasons.

Firstly, NEO includes all Ethereum`s functions, Secondary, NEO`s work has so much in common with Ethereum`s one. For example, to commit transaction in Ethereum web, you have to pay for it is Gas form. NEO developers have picked up the same name.

The model of how NEO cryptocurrency is working is called Proof-of-stake. That is, to earn new NEO`s coins, the Gas, you need to have it in your wallet. According to some reports, 1 000 NEO coins are able to generate 0,5 Gas per day. So, if you want to get 1 Gas, you need 2 000 NEO coins in your wallet.

Tough such model of work, machinery mining of cryptocurrency is not actual. Moreover, Gas will enter exchanges and will be worth 0,1 ANS eventually.

NEO cryptocurrency uses the same smart-contracts as Ethereum does. On the other hand, programmers do not need to learn specific language to wright similar contract as in Ethereum. You can use C Sharp, JAVA and Go to create NEO`s smart contract. In that regard, these languages are known by hundreds of thousands of programmers, so they don`t need to explore new one if they want to design their own projects or programs on NEO platform.

NEO`s scalability is well thought out. According to developers’ words, it is ready to process 1 million of transactions without any problems. Block`s generation time will equal 1 second in future. For example, Bitcoin block`s generation time is equal to 10 minutes.

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Most recently, NEO project has started cooperation with no space company, which is Chinese platform for startups. If collaboration is productive, many new companies will work on their blockchain. That will increase demand for NEO.

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