In modern world, the ideas of healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are increasingly spreading. This has a positive impact on life expectancy and overall health of the population. Thanks to the development of modern technologies, the spread of the Internet and cell phones today, anyone can install a fitness app and use built-in recommendations to keep fit. The problem, however, is that most of these applications are created by amateurs in health issues. Therefore, without knowing it, people take a great risk, following their recommendations. Project 180NF and blockchain come to help solve this problem and, by the way its team has found an original solution.

Out of the 14 rating agencies analyzed by the CryptoLaboratory, the project has been added to the databases of only two of them - ICObench and CoinSchedule. Unfortunately, both of them were unable to give a full analysis of 180NF and give some reasonable assessment. That's why we will do it ourselves.

180NF is a multifunctional application for healthy lifestyle supporters. Its first priority is to move away from the unification that characterizes similar programs. For example, if its competitors propose the same nutrition recommendations for all people, regardless of their place of residence and nationality, 180NF makes an improvement to these characteristics. This will be achieved through an extensive database of food and the users themselves will create it. For this they will receive a reward in the form of tokens. In the future, they can be exchanged for another cryptocurrency or fiat money. Also, the reward will be paid for the users’ achievements in physical activities: running, swimming, walking, etc. . Together with the cheapness and speed of transactions, the 180NF application, built on the Stellar blockchain, promises to be useful not only for fitness enthusiasts, but also for people looking for a reliable means for cryptocurrency transactions.

The core of the team consists of 4 co-founders of the project. Judging by LinkedIn profiles, they are all skillful professionals. Everyone is professional in his own field. Daniel Sanchez, for example, has launched several projects of his own since 2017; one of them is using the NEO blockchain and the other is using a hospital app. Obviously, Mr. Sanchez is familiar with both blockchain and medical subjects. Katherine Quintana, another participant in the project, is a specialist in nutritional medical therapy. She has been running Nutricionista for more than a year.

Each of the key employees has something to boast about. Undoubtedly, previous experience will help the team to make 180NF even more successful.

Creating a white paper of the project, the team decided to move away from formulaic approaches and not to make the document as decorated comic book with minimal explanation. On the contrary, each item is as much detailed as possible. Detailed analysis of the current market state is given, the technical side of the issue is described in detail (we see the great experience with blockchain), and even the business model of 180NF is explained. Most similar projects can not even boast of this. Of course, we would also like to see the comparison with competitors in the white paper. We think the team will add this item in the next versions of the document. 

At the end of our review, we can say that a combination of experienced professionals, a top requested idea and the right approach to its implementation in 99% of cases leads to the success of the project. 180NF has each of these characteristics. Investment is not enough for complete success. However, thanks to blockchain and the cryptocurrency community support, this problem is quite easy to solve today.