Every year we tie ourselves to the virtual world more and more: create accounts in social networks, register in online stores, set up personal accounts on the exchanges where our assets are stored, etc. Convenience and availability of these services, no doubt, are an advantage of modern civilization, but they also create additional difficulties.


How do you protect your data if you don't know anything about cyber security? What happens to all your files, documents and digital assets if you suddenly are gone? After all, no one knows where you keep all your logins and passwords...


We decided to touch on this topic, because with the advent of blockchain technology and the spread of digital currencies, it becomes even more relevant. And since there is such a problem, there are also companies ready to solve it. One of them, Digiwills, will be discussed today.

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Of the fourteen agencies analyzed by CryptoLaboratory, the project was evaluated by three - ICObench, ICOmarks and TrackICO. The first thing that catches the eye is the team's assessment. Both ICOmarks and TrackICO gave a maximum of 10/10 and 4/4, respectively.


The work on promotion in social networks is also highly appreciated. ICOmarks scored 9 out of 10 for it, and TrackICO gave the maximum 9 points for this parameter.


The ICO profile, according to the agencies, deserved a little less high evaluation, but still is higher than that of most ICO projects. It is rare that the opinions of agencies converge, but Digiwills seems to be just such a case. Unity in the opinions of agencies is always a positive signal for the investor. However, other components are more important such as a sought-after quality product and an experienced team. Whether Digiwills has it, we'll find out further.


The team creates a platform that allows you to safely store all data without the possibility of losing it.


It is assumed that the user will create an account, where logins and passwords will be brought from important resources (mail, social networks, bank accounts, etc.). This data will immediately get into the blockchain and will be grouped into blocks. After that, only the user or his successor will have access to them, if he meets the conditions prescribed in the smart contract.


Speaking of smart contracts, they will ensure that your digital assets are not lost or fall into the wrong hands.


A separate interest is the system of your information storing on the platform. Digiwills Token (DGW) will be charged daily for storing information. If you do not replenish the account in time, and the tokens are over, the access to the data is given to your successor. That's how simple and original the team solved the issue with legal succession on the blockchain. The need for notaries is no longer necessary.


Of course, the simplicity of this approach and the great demand for security on the Internet will provide a serious influx of users to the platform. After all, the simpler the product, the more people will be able to use it.


The Digiwills team is represented by 6 people, not counting Advisors. Judging by the previous places of work, all of them are connected with the IT sphere in one way or another and they have a lot of experience.


For example, CTO Miguel Cruz served for almost 10 years as IT Security and Compliance Officer at the University of Puerto Rico.


Chief Software Officer Enmanuel Hernandez has been developing software in various companies since 2008. One of the last places where he worked for 9 years is the SDQ Training Center. This company is authorized by Adobe to train people to use Adobe products in the Dominican Republic.


Incidentally, two other Digiwills employees, Joel Combes (Chief Desing Oficcer) and Jorge Espinal (Web Development Head) - also work at the SDQ Training Center. If a big corporation like Adobe trusts these guys, you can definitely rely on them. 

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The white paper of the project should be singled out for its elaboration and detail.


The team decided not to make a white paper useless book for 100 pages, cluttered with useless pictures and incomprehensible technical schemes. The team went the other way and made a simple but pleasing and very informative document.


The mechanism of the Digiwills platform is described in the most understandable language, which can attract investors. The structure of the document also makes it easy to find information.


A distinctive feature of the Digiwills white paper is the availability of the financial and economic evaluation of the project. This is the calculation of payments that users will have to pay for the use of the platform. It is specified how many tokens from this amount will go to the company, and how many will be burned. 


Despite the fact that project has not yet determined the start date of the crowdsale it has already managed to get a significant number of fans on social networks.


The undisputed leader in the number of subscribers is Telegram with 13 thousand people both in the project’s chat and on the project’s channel. It is definitely clear that Digiwills marketing specialists understand where to look for investors, because most of them actively use this messenger.


In second place is Twitter with 8,000 followers.


The top three is closed by Facebook, where more than 5,000 people follow the project.


It is also worth noting that Digiwills has a large number of followers on Instagram - almost 5,000 people. Usually cryptocurrency startups do not take this channel for their promotion, because for this business it is not very effective, but Digiwills were able to find an approach to the audience of this social network.


To sum up our review, it is to say that the project has many strong sides. These include: a high-demand product that is clear to the mass user; an experienced team; community support on social media. Unlike many projects, Digiwills monetization scheme is simple and clear. The guys are not trying to use the blockchain where it is not needed (for example, recently we saw a project where the blockchain was going to be used for non-alcoholic cocktails :-).


The team has only to decide when they start sales of tokens, so that investors can help to implement the project faster.


In the meantime, for all those wishing to support the Digiwills project there is a whitelist subscription open on digiwills.io/whitelist.


We wish the project good luck and successful achievement of hard cap!