When you are running a business related to providing services or the sale of goods to the population, sometimes it is very difficult to get feedback from the final consumer, because there are a lot of intermediaries (wholesale buyers, shops, service centers, etc.) between your company and final consumer. Here the Internet and customer feedback comes to the rescue. However, consumers are not always willing to waste their time to leave a review, especially if they are happy with everything. People need to be stimulated to leave a review. But how? The original way out of the situation was found by the developers of the Easy Feedback project, which we will consider later.

Of the 14 leading rating agencies analyzed by CryptoLaboratory, at the time of writing, only ICOmarks has rated the project. Easy Feedback received high marks from it on all indicators. 8 out of 10 for Social Activity, 9.2 out of 10 for ICO Profile and a maximum of 10 points for the team.

The first thing for the investor to pay attention to is Easy Feedback is not an ordinary project, invented in a cafe by scratch team. It is an established company operating since 2015. Easy Feedback already has regular customers and the community around it. The company's business model involves creating an opportunity for third companies to receive feedback from consumers and, accordingly, to improve their product or service. Consumers, in turn, get a quicker solution to their problems. And after the crowdsale is completed, people who have left constructive reviews will be given a reward in the form of Easy Feedback token. Thus, the project solves several problems at once:

1) Promote useful feedback between consumers and companies to help solve the communication problem between people and the aspiration of humans to improve things;

2) Manage and help improve customer satisfaction and engagement, as promotes transparency and trust;

3) Reward the feedback.

The Easy Feedback team has at least 16 people listed on the site. It is an impressive number. However, if you consider that Easy Feedback is not only a project created, but quite a successful operating company, everything becomes clear. Many different functions require a large number of employees.

On closer look of employees it becomes clear that almost all of them have been working in the company for many years, so they do have experience. Take at least Honorio Ros, the CEO, who is the co-founder of a number of successful companies, the oldest of which - Feedback Networks - has been working since 2001. Blockchain manager of the company is Daniel Valdes, who has been CEO of Aurora Blockchain for more than three years. Olga Sánchez has been responsible for production for more than 10 years in various companies and 4 years out of 10 she has been working in Easy Feedback.

And so it can be said about almost everyone. In short, they are well experienced.

We have to give proper respect to the project for the white paper. We have not yet seen such a detailed document. Of course, it has 70 pages, but it's not useless pictures and text in the 24th font. Here are extremely important and useful for understanding business graphs and diagrams. Each item is detailed. There is even something that is so lacking in most similar documents of other projects - analysis of competitors, ways of monetization and even SWOT analysis! It is seen that the document was not made for a tick, but as a really working tool for building a successful project.

The promotion of the project is progressing very successfully. Its popularity in Telegram is growing at a particularly rapid pace, where the audience grew by 7,000 from July to September and currently there are more than 10,000. In second place there is Facebook with about 1500 people. Twitter is in top three with more than 3,000 followers. Despite the fact that the final stage of the tokensale will come only in March 2020, the team does not relax and popularizes its project in social networks. Although, of course, they still have somewhere to grow.

As a result, we have a company with a functioning business model, an experienced team and a clear idea of further development. Combined with the community support that the project will easily receive, it must succeed and collect the necessary amount of investment. At least that's what we're hoping for.