Over the past week 20 new projects, intending to attract investments through the sale of their own tokens, have appeared in the Cryptolaboratory database. The leading rating agencies rated only 15 projects, and the GRAYLL project was highly appreciated among them and we will consider it in today's review.

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GRAYLL has received ratings from 4 agencies: ICObench, ICOmarks, Trackico and Foundico. All noted a good ICOProfile. The team and promotion activity of GRAYLL received from average to maximum grades.

The GRAYLL team intends to create a trading algorithm combining such technologies as blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The main purpose of this application is to get profit from trading. And, according to the developers, the algorithm embedded in the application will be able to trade almost any kind of assets, whether they are cryptocurrencies, securities, art objects, real estate or even weather forecast. However, in addition to the technologies used, developers no longer report the principles of their algorithm.

The White paper of GRAYLL is characterized by a detailed description of the economic and marketing component. Unlike most projects, the GRAYLL team gives a preliminary estimate of the potential revenue. This allows potential investors to easily assess the prospects of the project. The document also provides a comparison with competitors and SWOT-analysis of the project.

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Only for this white paper already deserves the highest score. Nobody else has done such things on our memory. Other projects should learn how to write a white paper from GRAYLL.

Experts in the team are quite experienced:

1) Fernando de Menezes, the founder of the project currently working for the JUPIT. RE company, with the focus on Crypto, Distributed Ledger Technologies [Blockchain] in combination with DataScience + A.I.);

2) Hemal Gandhi – is engaged in optimization of the return for the customers having different risk profiles for a year and a half

3) Akshay Arora professional financial analyst;

4) Daniel Peter - Blockchain-developer.Seems nothing was uploaded at /images/blog/3.jpg.jpg

The project promotion in social networks is at a high level. The number of subscribers in Twitter is 51,000 people! The Facebook audience is a little behind. It counts almost 40,000 people. But the project has less subscribers in Telegram – about 4,500 people. If all the GRAYLL’s followers are real it will be possible to expect a successful fundraising.

To summarize our review, we can say that the project has many chances of successfully collecting the funds needed for development. We would like to believe that the final product of the project will be of the same quality as its presentation for investors.