ICO projects have recently been losing popularity, giving way to IEO. This method of attracting investment is considered to be more reliable and advanced. However, it is not easy with it. Exchanges where projects conduct IEO, ask for too much fee for listing coins, and the volume of trading is often artificially inflated. Naturally, IEO does not collect the necessary volumes of investments on such exchanges.

Special companies and crowdfunding platforms are being set up to deal with such market problems and to help raise funds. We'll talk about one of them today. It is IEO Service.

Out of the fourteen rating agencies analyzed by the CryptoLaboratory, at the time of writing, the project was rated only by ICObench. Unfortunately, the experts of this agency did not key into the essence of IEO Service and put ratings for the team and product. They gave only the assessment of ICO Profile. Well, it looks like we, as investors, will have to figure it out ourselves.

As mentioned earlier, the main purpose of IEO Service is to help IEO projects to attract the necessary amount of investment. The project team plans to provide a full range of services from IEO on reliable exchanges to assistance in stabilizing the price of tokens after their listing on the exchange. The project also plans to provide such a service as listing old inactive tokens on new exchanges. This leads to an increase in the value of the coins, which investors then will be able to sell quickly.

Moreover, if projects do not have money to prepay IEO Service services, they can be provided for free. This is undoubtedly a good opportunity for promising projects to make a claim about themselves.

The white paper of the project, despite its original and, we can say, authentic design, fully describes the goals and objectives of IEO Service. The problems of the market that prompted the team to create the project are also described in detail. There are all items that are necessary for such documents.

In the white paper, the team clearly notes the challenges which the modern industry and every project that launches an ICO or ICO are facing. These are, first of all, fake volumes which are shown by cryptocurrency exchanges to lure customers. Also the currency which your token will be traded against is also important. IEO Service will also help you understand it.

Despite the fact that the project starts Pre-Sale only on October 15, marketing managers are already actively promoting it. And it has to be said, they do it very effective. This is evidenced by the number of subscribers in social networks and messengers. The undisputed leader here is Telegram. A total of 12,000 people are registered in the chat and channel of the project. It is a very impressive figure for such a young project. Telegram is followed by Instagram with 3,000 followers.

Summing up our review, we can say that the project has the original noble idea, which cannot be ignored. With extensive community support it should bring the project at least a decent bonus during the crowdsale.