There are not many projects trying to solve the problems of real business. Even less often they get high evaluations. Out of the projects added to the CryptoLaboratory database last week, the largest weighted average rating was received by this ICO.

Lohn's weighted average rating is 85.75 points. It was rated only by two rating agencies out of 14- ICObench and Foundico. Lohn received the highest ratings for the team, product and ICO profile. The project received the least points for promotion.

The project team intends to modernize the conduct of the business, built on the performance of work from the customer’s materials. Developers will do this with the help of blockchain technology and a platform, serving as a link between the customer and the provider. The use of smart contracts will allow ensuring transparent and safe interaction not only between all parties of the contract, but also other specialists.

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For example, with Lohn, it will be possible to hire quality control specialists, select a profitable transport service provider to transport goods from the manufacturer and/or materials from the customer, and even track progress in execution works. In general, any optimization of processes has a positive effect on the result of work, but the team should also be well be proficient in the issue, so let's take a look at the team.

The team at the project is presented in a strange way. First, there is no CEO or any specialist with a similar job. Secondly, among the 11 people named on the site, only 4 of them recorded that they were participating in the Lohn project in their LinkedIn profile. The most experienced of the four is Laurentiu Popa, the CTO who has been programming for 16 years. The rest of the staff has less experience or their experience is not connected to their positions.

The White Paper is perplexing at least. Let's start with the fact that the document does not have any standard sections as description of the problem the project solves; market capacity analysis; team presentation; information about the planned distribution of funds and tokens raised.

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All this information is presented on the site, and the market analysis is even displayed in a separate document called "INDUSTRIAL GLOBAL REPORT", but why could not combine all the materials in the white paper for the convenience of investors? This incomplete document creates additional difficulties for investors in valuing Lohn, and, accordingly, discourages them from investing in the project. 

The promotion of the project is just beginning, so it is too early to talk about the results. Lohn has only 26 followers on Facebook, 25 on Telegram and 2 on Twitter. The project has somewhere to grow.

Summing up, we can say that, judging by the unfinished white paper, the lack of consistency in the team and recent promotion start, the project begins to attract investment and it is not yet clear how successful it will be.