When was the last time you walked down the street and looked around, not at the screen of your smartphone? I bet even now most of you are reading this review from your phone on your way to work or home.

Since its creation, mobile devices have come deep into our lives, becoming indispensable assistants. They have made many of our responsibilities much easier, making them not so boring. However, like any coin, the constant use of mobile devices has the other side. People begin to lose their taste for live communication. They stop noticing what's going on around them. They go out less often. This trend leads to a decline of morale, depression and disorientation in society.

Of course, it is necessary to fight against it somehow, so that people do not completely lose their humanity. There are many ways working with mixed results. Perhaps the creators of the project Lydian Lion came up with one of the most original, which we will meet today.

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Out of the 14 rating agencies analyzed by the CryptoLaboratory, only three - ICObench, ICOmarks and Foundico - evaluated the project. The project has got good ratings for finance - 8.8 points out of 10 and 7.7 out of 10 for ICO profile from ICOmarks and Foundico. This means that the agencies have positively evaluated the team's work in these areas. Now it's our turn to evaluate it.

Lydian Lion is a new approach to blockchain application. In the project, it is not the main element, but only part of a larger system. In simple terms, Lydian Lion is a platform that encourages any demonstration of sociality in a person. This can be visiting public places, participating in mass events, or a simple walk on a road. For all such actions, the platform will reward the user with access to new applications or gifts from sponsors.

However, this is not the main point. The system blocks the user's phone until he completes enough tasks. In this way Lydian Lion stimulates him to lead an active life outside of gadgets, to get real, not virtual emotions. Carrot-and-stick approach is used.

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In addition, Lydian Lion provides the business with a unique opportunity to advertise their product through the launch of special promotions, in which users will need to visit certain locations to get a reward. This approach will allow new companies to attract the public more quickly and find new customers.

If we talk about the team, it is worth noting the large number of people involved in the project - more than 15 people! This number speaks both about the seriousness of the project and about the size of the tasks facing the team. Of course, they can't do without professionals in this field. And they are! The Chief Operations Officer is Tasos Oureilidis. In addition to working at Lydian Lion, he is the CEO of the Hellenic Coin, Country Manager in Cardano Foundation, Co-Founder of Hellenic Blockchain Association and etc. Obviously, this is a person who is completely fascinated by blockchain.

Perhaps the same can be said about CTO - Rommel Santos - who in addition to working at Lydian Lion takes part in a project involving identity and blockchain technology.

For the CEO of any company management experience, strategic thinking and a clear understanding of the situation are important. For sure, Leon Šoljić, the CEO of the project, has these qualities - because he has been running the current business - the company Orange Management d.o.o. for almost three years

In general, we can say that the core team is formed from the specialists of the proper level and competence. We hope they will prove themselves well in working together.

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Investors are often frightened away by multi-page documentation. They want everything to be detailed and clear (and this means a lot of pages of text), but they don't want to read it all. And how wrong they are! This is where the essence of the project, its idea and implementation are. The white paper of Lydian Lion just is such documents - hypercorrect, but understandable. It details why the project is created, what its creators want to achieve, how they will do it. All sections of the platform have been described. The only thing missing in the document is the evaluation of its financial indicators (profits, revenues, monetization methods, etc.). However, it is fair to say that white paper of almost all projects don’t have such information. 

Let's sum up our review. Lydian Lion intends to create a high-quality, potentially successful product; it has an experienced result-oriented team and a clear understanding of how to do it. What else do you need to succeed? Perhaps only the support of private investors and good luck. We are sure that team will soon have both, because the success is achieved by the one who works it.