Now the cryptocurrency market resembles America in the time of the Wild West: there are rules that can be changed at any moment; the one who is stronger is right; prices can be manipulated by the crowd. All of these, of course, create obstacles for institutional investors to enter this market. After all, none of them wants to lose 20% of all investments overnight just because of high volatility. The only way to solve this problem is to create an infrastructure that can stabilize the market. This goal was set by the Market Maker Technology project.

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Out of the 14 agencies analyzed by CryptoLaboratory, only ICObench evaluated the project. Experts of the agency assessed only the ICO profile, and gave 2.9 points out of 5 for it. Is it really that bad or ICObench only did a shallow analysis without understanding the essence of the project? We will find out in the course of our further research. 

Guys from Market Maker Technology understand that the prices of cryptocurrency assets should become more predictable, so that digital coins can be used more actively. Therefore, the project strives to create fair and transparent trading for all market participants. That's why the market needs a market maker – company which undertakes to buy and sell a certain amount of assets in a certain period of time before the issuer of the asset or the exchange. In classic markets (stocks, futures) such companies have long been the norm. 

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The project aims to achieve the following goals:

• protection of tokens holders against sudden loss of capital;

• project protection from unreasonable reduction in the price of tokens;

• increasing liquidity of tokens;

• the development of the cryptocurrency market and the enhancement of its


• increasing market confidence from institutional investors and global regulators;

• hedging risk holders cryptocurrency.


How far these goals will be achieved depends, first of all, on the team and now we will look at it.

The team is represented by 6 members. All of them are young people with good experience in IT business. First of all, it is worth highlighting Anton Efimenko, the founder of the project, who worked on the stock markets of America, England and Russia since 2010. As Investor Relations, Mr. Efimenko raised more than $400 million in small and medium-sized businesses, with $34 million in foreign exchange hedging transactions. 

Andrey Melentyev, the PR/Marketing director, also has a lot of experience. Mr. Melentyev has 10 years experience in marketing communications and promoting leading Russian business groups. Moreover, he organized PR campaigns within World Cup 2018 and Cup Confederations 2017. Overall, the team looks pretty confident. We are glad that its members have experience in the industry where they plan to develop the project. In this case, they will not make the mistakes typical of beginners. 

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The guys did not make a multi-page white paper, so as not to confuse investors with incomprehensible schemes and formulations. In the document they created, everything is brief, simple and clear. At the same time, it does not suffer from a lack of information. There is well-defined reason why the team decided to create a market maker for the cryptocurrency market. There is a description of the project and its technical specification. Also there is the financial model of the project as an example. Market Maker Technology cannot exist without monetization, and the team understands this.

The sale of tokens has not yet begun and, apparently, the team has not yet actively promoted the project, so there are mot many subscribers in social networks. The Market Maker Technology most followers were on Twitter and there were 1013 followers. In second place is Instagram with 498 subscribers. Telegram closes the top three, where just 16 people follow the project development. The project team just needs to popularize it among crypto investors; otherwise the collection of necessary funds can stretch for quite a long time. Particular emphasis should be placed on Telegram, where thousands of crypto enthusiasts are looking for investment objects.

Summing up our review, we can say that is clear that the team should actively work on the promotion. And the rest of it looks very good. The project has a decent product that has a clear monetization plan. The project leaders have worked in a similar field and know what to do and how to succeed. We can only wish good luck To Market Maker Technology in attracting investment!