In 2019, centralized exchanges gained even greater influence in the crypto industry, securing the right to inspect tokenized projects and conduct their IEO. Before that, exchanges were already actually managing the funds of their users: they blocked them at their own discretion, limited their output, and prevented users from some countries from trading. This situation turns the decentralization of blockchain into an oxymoron, when decentralized assets are actually controlled by centralized exchanges. There are a lot of people who are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in the crypto community, and they are trying to change the system. The MeterQubes project is designed for this purpose. That's what we're going to talk about today.

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Of the 14 leading rating agencies analyzed by CryptoLaboratory, five of them gave their assessment to the project: ICObench, ICOmarks, TrackICO, Foundico and CoinSchedule. All agencies praised the team. ICOmarks and TrackICO gave the maximum points for it - 10/10 and 4/4, respectively. Foundico gave a little less - 7.5/10 - but it is a very decent result against the most projects background. Promotion on social networks according to ICOmarks and TrackICO also deserved maximum ratings - 10/10 and 9/9. The situation is a little worse with the ICO Profile, but not all agencies share such an opinion. ICOmarks scored 8.1 out of 10, while TrackICO gave 14 of 14 for this indicator.

The developers of MeterQubes create a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, which will be devoid of all the shortcomings of its centralized counterparts. The exchange will use the Atomic Swap for executing transactions. However, the team does not intend to limit itself to the exchange and intends to develop a full-fledged ecosystem, including:

1)     The MeterQubes web platform;

2)     MQ-Wallet;

3)     Decentralized automated trading;

4)     Quboid - the Intelligent trading bot;

5)     Trading API and Algorithmic Trading;

6)     Sentiment analysis tools.

This diversification will keep the user on the platform by providing them with additional services. All the more noteworthy is the future presence of Quboid, the platform's own trading robot. Almost no decentralized exchange can boast of the possibility of algorithmic trading. If the team realizes this feature, it will immediately increase the number of active users.

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The project team is represented by 5 people, not counting advisers. Their main advantage is experience. For example, Neville Epa, the Chief Trading Strategist, led the Colombo Stock Exchange for 6 years. Leyth AL Hinai, the project's CIO, has worked as IT Engineer at a large oil and gas company of Oman for more than 7 years. We can't miss Ahmed Al Marjeby, who in addition to MeterQubes in 2016 founded two more IT companies engaged in AI and Machine Learning. The team's experience allows us to hope that the development of MeterQubes will be fast and trouble-free. Strong professionals are what many projects often lack, and that causes them difficulties at almost every stage. We believe that such problems will be bypassed by MeterQubes. 

The team worked well on the White paper. Solutions that will be available to users are described with particular scrupulousness. It is even specified which indicators the robot platform will use for trading. The team has analyzed the market, and it has an understanding of how much you can earn on it. The document even has the business model of the project. This is good news, because most startups often do not even think about monetization.

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The marketers of MeterQubes have already prepared for crowdsale and have created an impressive community around the project. The most subscribers the Telegram account has - almost 19,000 people. In second place is Twitter with 15,000 subscribers. But the project refused to register in Facebook, apparently considering that it will be the most difficult to find investors there. Judging by the results of Telegram and Twitter, the decision was correct.

To sum up our review, we can say that MeterQubes have all the conditions for success - a good idea, a working MVP, an experienced team, and broad support from the crypto community. It remains only to make a little effort to attract the necessary investments, and soon cryptocurrency traders will have a convenient decentralized exchange.