Blockchain technology has opened the way to the further development of many areas of our lives: logistics, medicine, gambling, etc. However, the biggest impact it has been having on the banking sector. The use of blockchain here allows you to significantly speed up money transfers and protect data from fraud by third parties. There is still a long way to go for the widespread introduction of blockchain in this area. Small projects are taking a significant role here, and they are committed to bring the matter to an end. We're going to talk about one of them today. Here's an ONI.

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Out of the 14 agencies analyzed by the CryptoLaboratory, only ICOmarks one has rated the project. It feels like the agency has carefully studied the project before making estimates. As a result, ONI received maximum ratings for the team and social activity - 10 points. Of course, this does not mean that you need to carry money right away. First, you should check it yourself. Let's start with the product.

ONI is a multifunctional platform dedicated to meeting the basic needs of the crypto community. First and it is natural to create a trading platform where you can exchange ONI Token for other coins. There are plans to launch AI Cryptocurrency & Asset Trading Bot specially designed to automatically trade in cryptocurrencies. Second, the team will develop a Cloud mining feature for mining the most profitable coins. The user won't even have to set anything up. Everything will be done automatically. You will only have to earn passive income for each ONI token in your wallet. 

A wallet will be created on the platform where users can hold their ONI token as an investment asset. From there, users will be able to transfer ONI to each other and pay them if necessary.

Like most projects, the white paper is not free from shortcomings. It lacks an assessment of the profitability of the project, planned financial performance and comparison with competitors. However, since almost any project does not have these items in the white paper, it is worth paying more attention to those that are present in the ONI white paper.

The document gives a detailed description of the industry’s problems that prompted the team to create the project. There is the specific functionality that the team will implement into the platform to solve each problem. Blockchain use is also well-reasoned for these purposes.

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An interesting idea - to get a stable passive income - cannot but attract people seeking a good life. They are not few as we see the number of subscribers in social networks of the project. In the first place is Telegram with almost 25,000 potential investors. In second place is occupied by Facebook, where 7,900 people follow the project. Not far from it there is Twitter with 7,500 followers.

As we can see, the number of people interested in the development of the project is very large. And that's despite the fact that it is still more than a month before the crowdsale. It is likely that there will be even more potential investors by then.

At the end of our review, we can say that companies offering sought-after products almost always achieved success. And since the possibility of receiving additional income is more than a sought-after service, we can hope that the project will achieve success. Especially with a such strong community support.