While most developers are eager to create a single product - a blockchain payment system, a travel app, a media platform, etc. - ambitious teams set larger goals. Today we will review a project that intends to become a leader in several areas of business. Let’s meet Oryx.

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Of the 14 leading rating agencies analyzed by CryptoLaboratory, the project was evaluated by three of them: ICObench, ICOmarks and Foundico. In general, the agencies highly appreciated the project. For example, for ICO Profile Oryx received 9.2 points out of 10 from Foundico and 7.3 out of 10 from ICOmarks. ICOmarks also gave a maximum of 10 points for social activity. Experts of the agencies disagreed only about the team assessments. On the one hand, Foundico gave only 3.8 points out of 10 for this parameter; on the other hand, ICOmarks rated the team at 9 out of 10. Which of the agencies is more objective in their assessment, we learn in the course of our review.

It's worth starting with the product Oryx is developing. As mentioned above, this is not an ordinary lopsided service. The team creates a multifunctional blockchain ecosystem that brings together many platforms, including Social Network, Gaming Platform, Internet Services and many others.

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The project token is understood to be available on all platforms. In this way, the team aims to create decentralized E-commerce, controlled by merchants themselves. Decisions regarding features and services as well as cost and fee structures will not be forced upon merchants anymore.

The undeniable advantage of the project is working MVPs: the social network Oyaaa and video streaming platform Unvid. All project supporters can now register in these resources and receive tokens for their content.

Speaking of the project team, it is worth first of all to say about Belal Alkfrawy, the CEO of project. Belal is an experienced Software Engineer who spent 9 years in Electronic Arts. Belal's experience in such a large technology company will certainly be useful for the development of the project. Faisal Sopyan, the designer, is also worth of notice. He has been engaged in graphic design in various projects since 2010. In general, the Oryx team consists of crypto enthusiasts and new technologies admirers. When the team fully shares the interests of the project, it will definitely have a positive impact on its development.

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The Oryx White Paper is a rather massive 37-page document containing standard sections: the purpose of the project, the problems it solves, the description of the products and services that the user will receive after the launch of Oryx. The document focuses on the reasons that made the team to create the project. Motivation is a strong impetus for development, because it is the desire to change the world, to make it better and fairer, and it was at the heart of all the great achievements of humanity. There is reason to believe that this will also work with Oryx.

Rating agencies made no mistake, giving the project high marks for social networks promotion. The number of followers speaks for itself: almost 3,000 people on Facebook and 24,000 on Twitter. But the most popular means of communication with the project team among investors is Telegram, there are 134,800 people! Indeed, Oryx PR managers know their business.

To sum up our review, we can say that Oryx's strengths are the ambitious goal, the motivated team and the strong support of the crypto community. Based on them, the team will be able to build a stable decentralized ecosystem, which is driven by the free world ideals.