E-commerce is one of the fastest growing areas of business. All advanced technological innovations are introduced in it. However, not all online stores still accept cryptocurrency as payment. This does not seem quite logical, as payments with it are much faster and cheaper. And there are more and more cryptocurrency users every year. To accelerate the process of blockchain introduction into the online trading industry, the Shopereum project intends to create its own trading platform built with the use of blockchain and artificial intelligence. We’re going to try to figure it out today what's going to happen.

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Out of the 14 rating agencies analyzed by the CryptoLaboratory, the project was evaluated by three agencies - ICObench, ICOmarks and Foundico. According to these agencies experts, the Shopereum team deserves high marks. For example, ICOmarks and ICObench rated at a maximum of 10 and 5 points, respectively. The project was also highly appreciated by Foundico for the ICOProfile. But the opinions of the agencies about the product divided. If Foundico rated it at 6.6 out of 10, ICObench experts put the maximum 5 points. In our further analysis we will see which the agencies is right.

The essence of the project is to create an aggregator site that will offer users products from third parties (producers, wholesale dealer, individuals). The main feature will be the ability to pay for goods in cryptocurrency. Once the funds are received, Shopereum employees will contact the seller to arrange the shipment. You can pay for the goods by any freely available cryptocurrency - BTC, ETH, LTC etc. The project also intends to release its token with the right to a 5% discount on the goods. This approach will ensure a stable demand for the project token, which will protect its course from sharp volatility. In our opinion, this is a reasonable way to solve the lack of demand, the main problem of all young tokens and cryptocurrencies.

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In addition to the blockchain use, it is worth noting artificial intelligence, another feature of Shopereum. According to the developers, it is artificial intelligence that is planned to be used to attract relevant traffic to the site. It will analyze users' behavior, their interests and preferences, and then show advertisements for the products most interesting to them.

Implementation of a large-scale task, which the creators of Shopereum set themselves, is impossible without a trained team. Here, it seems, the project has everything, because as many as two professors are working on it! One of them, Motaz Saad, is a Data Science Specialist and has been working at the Islamic University of Gaza for more than 4 years. Iyad Alagha, who is responsible for the AI development, also works there. Without these people, it is difficult to imagine the development of an ambitious idea laid in Shopereum.

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The white paper of the project reveals its essence in a detailed way, describes the reasons for the creation and principles of artificial intelligence use. It also describes the model of the platform and its tokenomics. In general, the white paper presents a full document on the basis of which investors will be able to form an opinion about the project. The only thing we would like to advise the team is to add an analysis of the e-commerce market and calculate potential profits. This will give a better picture of Shopereum's prospects.

As for the project promotion in social networks, it is on fast-forward. The leader here is Telegram, where more than 7,600 people (chat+ channel) follow Shopereum. Twitter with 1150 followers is in the second place. Facebook is in the top three. 870 subscribers are interested in the project there. You can see the clear focus of marketing managers on Telegram. Perhaps this is the most reasonable, because most private investors communicate in this messenger.

As a result of our research, we can say that Shopereum has serious potential for further development. The question is not whether the team will use it or not, but how soon it will happen. The Roadmap indeed answer that.