Blockchain in general and cryptocurrencies in particular open up great opportunities for trading and investing. Thanks to this technology it is possible to create uncontrolled decentralized exchanges that will not once disappear with your money. And thanks to blockchain people and companies can create their cryptocurrency funds, which will be absolutely open and not be able to falsify their activities results. However, they do need the appropriate software. This problem is solved by the product created by the RigoBlock project, and we are talking about it today.

First, let's take a look at how the project is rated by world rating agencies. RigoBlock received ratings from 4 of them – TrackICO, ICOstock24, ICOmarks and ICObench. The start-up have received top marks from TrackICO for social networks activity – 7/9, for the team – 3/4 and ICO profile – 12/14 points. ICOmarks also pretty well appreciated the team's work in social networks and the team itself by putting 7 points out of 10 for these two indicators. But the ICO profile is estimated with only 4.2 points out of 10. ICObench also lowered the rating for this indicator -3.7 points out of 5. Unfortunately, colleagues from other rating agencies do not specify exactly what they estimate in the characteristic called "ICO Profile". But further we will try to understand, what things are necessary to be improved by the team for obtaining higher estimations.

The RigoBlock team intends to create its own blockchain protocol that makes it possible for anyone to set up and run a decentralized token pool. The software is modular and abstract so that any developer can personalize it, building their own applications. This way the project plans to solve the problem of high barrier to entry in hedge fund industry, where the minimum size of Assets Under Management reaches 50 million dollars. RigoBlock has already developed an application through which anyone can create decentralized pools of tokens (the team calls them "Dragos"). In addition, RigoBlock speak up for the introduction of the so-called "social trading platforms", where everyone can repeat the trade of any fund manager. Along with another function that can be implemented on the platform there is an off-chain dashboard with statistics about trading performance – social trading platforms will allow potential investors to fully assess the risks of each manager's trading strategy. Along with an extraordinary approach to trading, the team is working on a new way of aligning interests and various approaches to risk taking, thus creating a full-fledged trading and investment ecosystem. In general, with numerous ICO-projects offering to tokenize real estate, create an advertising platform with elements of AI or develop another marketplace, the RigoBlock idea looks quite fresh and interesting. Moreover, if it is implemented, it will potentially be used by thousands of investors and traders around the world.

The project team is represented on the site by eight names. However, it is possible to get acquainted only with three of them in more detail, as the other five members in addition to the names and positions have no photos or links to the social. networks or LinkedIn profiles. This, of course, is a big omission, because investors should be able to get acquainted with the whole team. Gabriele Rigo, the founder and leader of the project, has been managing the RigoInvestment for more than 5 years. Before that, he worked in various investment funds for about 5 years. In other words, Mr. Rigo is an experienced investor and capitalist who knows exactly what the market is and what its customers need. Another notable member of the team is David Fava, who holds the position of UX & UI Lead. Prior to that, he was the Director of the British consulting company BLC UK for several years, and founded and headed a cloud hosting service provider for six years. In general, there is no doubt that the main figures of the company are experienced and result – oriented people. However, the main drawback is still the lack of information on the rest of the staff. We hope it will be corrected soon.

RigoBlock's White paper is a rather interesting and it is more like a Manifesto printed in some financial newspaper of the XIX-XX centuries. This immediately gives the document status and causes respect. However, to create such an effect, the creators had to make some sacrifices. In particular – to remove the content-and without it the document studying is very inconvenient. Also, the document lost a significant part of the illustrations and diagrams, so familiar to investors, and instead got a text with a heavy financial language. Of course, everything is written very competently and professionally, but if the company expects to attract a wide range of investors, it should adapt the document to the usual canons. This way people will be easier to perceive the information.

In terms of increasing the popularity among investors and expanding the RigoBlock community, we can say that everything is well. The number of subscribers in Telegram and Twitter is steadily growing. Although Twitter is now the main channel of promotion with almost 4000 subscribers, new subscribers also appear in Telegram. Previously, the startup had a Facebook account, but in June 2018 it was deleted. There is nothing wrong with this, as Facebook is not the main channel of promotion for ICO projects. But the team should work on the development in Telegram, because it is the messenger most investors communicate.

As we can see, RigoBlock is created by professionals of the investment market for ordinary investors. The team knows what customers want and intends to make the investment process as comfortable as possible. The project is distinguished by good elaboration, actual idea, experienced managers and original presentation. However, there is not enough information about all the team members, it is the White paper need to be adapted to a wider range of investors and the team should continue the projects promotion in social networks. We are sure that if the team has the desire and proper perseverance, it will succeed.

Are you interested in detailed information about the RigoBlock ICO platform? This block code has the following common features:

·        Allows you to create funds very quickly in real time and with minimal cost;

·        Represents a set of tools for trading;

·        Has a built-in cryptocurrency exchange;

·        Fee for a transaction that is set and changed arbitrarily.

In general, we can say that RigoBlock is a platform that simplifies the process of creating funds and participating in the Ethereum network. Each user can trade and invest in tokens pools.

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