Last week our team added 27 ICO-projects to the database, which are already in the process of attracting investments, or only planning to do it. The ROCKZ project has the highest rating among them. We will analyze in today's review what it is, why the project is needed, who creates it, and how it is able to help the crypto community.

The assessment of the Cryptolaboratory is 85.07 points out of 100, it is based on the ratings of 14 international rating agencies, each of which sets the rating based on its own, important criteria. Our team collects all these ratings and calculates a weighted average rating of the project, which is the most objective. at the time of review writing out of the 14 agencies, the ROCKZ project was evaluated by only two – ICObench and ICOmarks. And ICO Profile is not rated very high: ICObench gave 4.3 of 5, and ICOmarks-7.3 points out of 10. But the project website is estimated by ICOmarks at 9 points out of 10, the team was given a maximum score of 10 points. Only social networks activity is not perfect and ICOmarks gave 7 points out of 10. Now let's look more closely at what the project team is working on.

«The main problem of today’s crypto industry is the absence of a solid connection with the real economy» - so reads the inscription on one of the pages of the ROCKZ site.

This means that there will not be a single successful project, if developers not explain to the ordinary consumer, how it can be applied in everyday life. And since the crypto industry is associated with increased liquidity and instability, ordinary users need to be given something more reliable than the incomprehensible lines of code with changing cost. This is what ROCKZ is doing, creating a stablecoin provided by the Swiss Francs. In other words, acquiring 1ROCKZ, you automatically become the owner of 1 Swiss Franc (CHF), which is held by the ROCKZ issuing company for the account of the coin holders. i.e. 1 CHF is not somewhere in the abstract supposedly located, as in many stablecoins, but really transfer into your account. The question arises at once whether the anonymity of payments suffers from this? But we could not find the answer to it. Another feature of the project is that it holds up to 90% of its reserves in Swiss Francs (the Reserves) in physical paper form (i.e., banknotes) which are deposited in high-security Swiss Alp Bunkers and Vaults. We hope that the whole amount will be insured, because if the bank is robbed, the consequences will be deplorable. Finally, the last question is why the team chose Swiss Francs? In fact, it is very easy to explainthe CHF offers real protection against inflation and devaluation. Over the last 50 years, the United States Dollar (USD) has lost 78% of its value to the CHF. Even when the CHF pays negative interest rates, the currency has been appreciating. That is, according to the developers of CHF-the most stable and reliable of all fiat currencies. It is difficult to disagree with them. Now let's look at who is behind this project.

The ROCKZ team is worthy. Since this is a financial project for the most part, first of all it needs, of course, high-class financiers. And they are here.

Take at least one of the founders- Yassine Ben Hamida. Mr. Hamida worked in Credit Suisse in various managerial positions for almost 7 years, and before that he worked at UBS for about 3 years. The second co-founder- Alexey Borichev was CFO in Swiss subsidiary of Novatek, one of the largest gas producing companies of Russia for almost 4 years. We are sure that these two did not just occupy such high positions and they do know exactly what is necessary for the successful development of the financial company. But the technical specialists are not so unambiguous. On the one hand, the link to the LinkedIn profile on Gabriel Rossetti, the CTO of the project is incorrect, and we cannot check which companies he worked and what he achieved. On the other hand, the profile of Dmytro Grebennikov, the only specified blockchain project manager, does not specify that he takes part in the creation of the ROCKZ project. Either he simply forgot to specify it, or he doesn’t work in Rockz now.

But it is difficult to find fault in the white paper of the project. The document in detail and in an accessible form gives answers practically to any question, a potential investor could ask. The team, step by step, describes what problems the market for stablecoins have, how ROCKZ intends to solve them, what is its advantage. It is pleasing that the competitors were studied beforehand, and the white paper contains their detailed analysis. The analysis is given to the market of stablecoins in general, even it is specified at the expense of what the project plans to receive profit. However, unfortunately, even its approximate volumes are not calculated. This is, of course, a disadvantage, though not critical, because most ICO projects do not include a section with profit in their white papers, as if they do not need profit. In general, the document looks rather elaborate. It feels like the team has tried to do their best.

As for the promotion, then marketers of the project still have something to work on. The most popular means of communication with the team for investors seems to be Facebook, which is signed by just over 2,000 people.

The second place is divided between Twitter and Telegram, where the average of 700 subscribers is registered. Not so much, especially considering hardly 30% from subscribers invests in the project. The rest of them will sit on the fence, postpone the decision for later, and then change their minds at all. This applies not only to ROCKZ. This is the nature of "investors on the sofa " of all ICO projects. In order to attract more active investors, we would advise ROCKZ to focus on increasing the community in Telegram, as there is a significant part of the crypto investors. 

As a result of the analysis we can say that the ROCKZ project is distinguished by the original elaborated idea, behind which there are qualified specialists who know their business. For the greater confidence in success they don’t have enough active PR-company among investors and a little luck. But perhaps at cryptocurrency exchanges Bitcoin can be exchanged for a new stablecoin, more reliable than others very soon.

ROCKZ ICO is a new currency, which is called one of the most stable in the market. Currency issued by the Swiss company Alprocks AG. ROCKZ ICO is backed by fiat money stored in Swiss banks. The new development is designed to eliminate the high volatility of cryptocurrencies and provide instant global transfers. The company wants to connect digital and traditional currencies. We offer a brief review of ROCKZ ICO:

·        Security by fiat asset;

·        Full transparency;

·        Protection of holders in the event of currency bankruptcy;

·        Stable and politically neutral asset;

·        No restrictions on convertible amounts.

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