Advertising business continues to attract new companies intending to break existing foundations and automate this business through blockchain and smart contracts. Despite the growing competition, the offer only grows, and today we will consider another project, which is ready to take the leading place in the advertising industry. It is startup called SaTT.

Let's start by reviewing the estimations that have been put to the project by 6 out of the 14 international rating agencies we are taking into consideration. ICO Profile of the project received almost the best ratings among all the indicators, and the ICOmarks experts put 9.2 points out of 10, and TrackICO and ICObench gave the maximum of 14 and 5 points, respectively. But ICOholder considered that the rating of more than 4 is too much, and put 3.99 points for this indicator. The team of SaTT received a little bit worse, but also high evaluation. ICOmarks gave 7 out of 10, ICOholder – 3.76 out of 5, Foxico gave high 9.5 points out of 10, ICObench experts rated the team even higher by putting 4.9 points out of 5. According to the opinion of some agencies the project activity deserved the lowest rating. ICOholder gave it 1.82 points out of 5 possible. We do not know what the reason is exactly for such a low score, but we will try to understand in future. But first of all we'll deal with what SaTT specifically offers.

This project is created to eliminate intermediaries in the advertising business and to bring the advertisers and influencers together directly. According to the developers, the traditional business model of traditional and centralized advertising agencies is based on a prohibitive cost of entry and monthly billing for the services provided. In addition, there is a problem of trust between the parties, which is naturally solved through smart contracts. The Smart Contract sets the conditions for participation in campaigns, quantifies the success, and guarantees the final renumeration. The peculiarity of the SaTT platform is its ability to interact with the outside world. To do this, smart contracts will use the current results of the marketing company from third-party sources (Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, etc.), and then automatically define the amount to be paid to the publisher. Thus, there is no need for permanent third-party interference in the process. The project is being created by ATAYEN, Inc., which has been developing the marketing application technologies since 2014. And the founders of ATAYEN have been developing applications since 2008, but we will explain it in the team review in more detail.

Of course, first of all it is worth mentioning Gauthier Bros, the founder and the CEO of the company . An experienced entrepreneur, Gauthier Bros has been managing ATAYEN for more than 8 years, helping small and medium-sized businesses find new customers on Facebook. There is no doubt that a person with such experience will be able to launch a new IT project successfully. It is also worth mentioning Geoffrey Moya, who has been working in the IT field for almost 10 years and has been involved in both Web development and application development. In the company he has been specializing in blockchain for more than 2 years. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to estimate the experience of other employees, because most of them do not have any other companies in LinkedIn profiles besides the current place of work. Perhaps the team is just shy to tell about their achievements;) 

The White paper of SaTT is a very detailed document that meets all the basic requirements. The document outlines the main problems of advertising business, describes how the team intends to solve these problems. A separate chapter is devoted to the detailed principles of functioning of smart contracts and their interaction with the outside world. It is also gratifying to note that the project has conducted a preliminary market study, calculated its potential and a potential profit margin. You can see that the team has tried. It is a pity, of course, that there is no comparison of the project with potential competitors, as there are many of them, but given the great experience of top managers, we want to believe that they know everything about them.

Advertising is one of the main motivation to purchase, so the special attention of all projects, of course, should be given to promotion, expansion of the community and attraction of new investors. In the crypto industry the main tool for this purpose is the social networks. However, the SaTT team seems to be neglecting this resource yet. The most popular channel among investors for communication with the team is Telegram but there are only 2500 subscribers. The second most popular is Facebook with 800 subscribers. But Twitter, it seems, the team does not consider as the main channel of promotion, because at the time of review writing, SaTT has a little more than 300 subscribers in this social network.

Thus, we have a potentially successful project with a popular idea and a non-standard implementation. Great experience of SaTT management gives hope for qualitative realization of the project. However, the team needs to put a special emphasis on the expansion of its community, because the SaTT recognition depends on it for successful attraction of investments.

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In this section, we want to present you an interesting project SaTT ICO. SaTT codes are used to manage advertising transactions between advertisers and publishers. The project creates fast, secure and cheap transactions. You can join the future of the digital ad era. The main idea of the project is to protect the integrity of online data, including advertising. The network based on smart contracts intends to protect advertising from hacking or disruption.

How SaTT ICO works 

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