The goal of the Sia project is to create a platform for convenient decentralized data storage. The developers of the platform want to change the storage of information and offer the largest server on the planet. The idea is that the owners of computers for a fee, allocate free space for data storage. Other users use the site and pay money for it. At this site, everyone will be able to store their data of any format - audio files, photos, movies, documents on business. Unconditional advantages of the system:

·        File storage is more budget;

·        High network bandwidth;

Computer owners are interested in the stability of the system, as they receive remuneration for it.

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 Files are broken into many parts and stored on different hosts. Any part of the file is stored redundantly. This means that permanent file loss is not possible.

The platform has its own currency - Siacoin. Through it, access to all the functionality of the system. In this currency, remuneration is paid for providing a place on the server. We offer detailed currency reviews. You will learn about the features of working with it and the prospects for the development of the platform.

Sia Platform News

SC cryptocurrency network blockchain uses the Proof of Work consensus algorithm with the technical parameters:

·        Block generation occurs in 10 minutes;

·        Network capacity - 84.8 petaheshs;

·        Blockchain size - more than 10.4 gigabytes;

·        The block size is 100-200 kilobytes.

The system has the following characteristics:

·        Cloud storage service is provided through smart contracts;

·        For the provision of space, users receive a fee according to the Proof of Storage algorithm.

·        The cost of renting 1 terabyte per month is 49.65 coins.

·        Storage services are paid for by Siacoin cryptocurrency.

The platform has the components:

·        Sia Daemon - application for working with the wallet, ensuring the functioning of the host, the use of disk space on the cloud;

·        Sia-UI - a graphical user interface for convenient execution of all functions;

·        Siac - utility to use the wallet using the command line.

The most profitable currency mining when using ASIC devices.

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Currency rates

The latest news of cryptocurrencies are published on our website. You will be aware of current events in the digital world and will be able to effectively engage in mining. Siacoin project forecasts are optimistic. The Sia Storage project provides alternative cloud storage services and successfully competes with many services. It can be assumed that the cryptocurrency will continue to exist, the indicators will grow, the project will develop. Stay tuned for current prices today and conduct successful transactions using our service.