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Spring update

Feb 28, 2019249

The fall of the cryptocurrency market in 2018 had a negative impact not only on the number of ICO projects and investor sentiment, but also on the performance of some rating agencies. This also applies to the agencies whose ratings are taken for calculating Cryptolaboratry’s weighted average rating. In particular, the “ICO News Token” does not add new ICO projects to their database anymore. The same applies to “ICORanker”. “CoinGecko” continues to add ICO projects, but refused to rate them.

These changes, of course, cannot help affecting the objectivity of our assessments, so starting from 1st of March we decided to replace “ICO Token News”, “ICORanker” and “CoinGecko” from the calculation of CryptoLaboratory’s rating and add new, more active agencies instead. They are “Find ICO”, “Coin Delite” and “Top ICO List”.

CryptoLaboratory believes in near end of crypto winter and does not intend to stop, continuing to add new projects and look for all available information about them in order you could choose among them the most promising. If you have any suggestions to improve our service, please send them to us via the feedback form.


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