Every week we try to add as many ICO projects as possible to our database so that investors can choose among them. This means that every day our experts together spend 20 hours to analyze and collect information about the projects. Completeness of information and variety of choice are our main priorities. Guided by them, last week we reviewed more 65 ICO projects. The most highly estimated of them was a startup Temco from the sphere of Supply & Logistics. Based on the ratings of international rating agencies, we have calculated this project rating of 89.58 points from 100. This is one of the highest ratings in the history of our reviews. Let's take a closer look at what indicators impressed the four rating agencies experts have rated it, and whether there are indicators for which the ratings have been lowered.

The ICO profile is at a fairly high level. ICObench, ICOmarks and TrackICO agree with it and they gave estimations close to the maximum-4.6 of 5, 9.2 of 10 and 12 of 14, respectively. The project can be proud of such rating. But even more pride it should feel for his team, which ICObench and TrackICO experts gave the maximum score-10 and 4 points, respectively. ICOmarks put a little less-8 points out of 10, but this is also a very good result. The team was given the lowest rating by Foxico experts – 7.7 points out of 10. Unfortunately, it is not specified why they lowered it for. If to speak of low estimations, it is necessary to mention here that rating agencies differed in opinions. ICObench decided to cut the rating of the product, and put 4 points out of 5 for it. ICOmarks, as it often happens, decided that the weakest part of the project is site, and put 7 points from 10. Foxico decided that it is necessary to lower the rating for the advisors, putting 5.5 points out of 10. Let’s look at the further review what agencies are right, and what is wrong, looking for a reason to underestimate the evaluation. 

As stated in the White paper of the Project, “TEMCO project aims to create a system that can overcome the limitations of the existing supply chain management system by utilizing Smart contract within the publick blockchain ecosystem. The goal is to enable all participants to have access to real-time information on the entire supply-chain precess”. Thus, the project will help to analyze the efficiency of the supply chain and increase their efficiency where possible. In the technological plan TEMCO will consist of three levels:

1) Core level. It includes uploading data on blockchain from the back-end layer.

2) Service level. This implies retrieving data on blockchain through the core level and accessing it in the form of API from the miggle layer.

3) Application level. It means displaying data at the UI level.  

The team intends to track the products by using QR code and RFID chips. All information about the position of the goods will be transferred to dApp of suppliers and buyers. Overall, the product looks pretty elaborate. Moreover, in the field of supply and logistics there has always been the demand for tracking the location of goods in online mode. The developers note this as one of the reasons that make them to create the project. 

Smoothly going to the developers, we will try to answer, how the project team deserved such high marks from ICObench and TrackICO. Two of the three founders-- Scott Jaeseob Yoon and Hongsub Lim –just after the getting a degree worked for a long time in POSCO, one of the largest steel producer in the world and an industry leader in developing advanced customer solutions. Without a doubt, the company has worked with logistics very well, so Mr. Yoon and Mr. Lim could gain considerable experience in this field. But, unfortunately, in their profiles on LinkedIn there is no information that working in POSCO, they performed some logistical functions. This, of course, will negatively affect the development of the project. The third co-founder-Brian Lee-professional IT-specialist and at the previous place of work he was at the position of Associate director. Another member of the team, Kyungchul Kim is interesting. According to his profile on LinkedIn, he is the creator of Steemit! Although in the current project it occupies only the position of frontend developer. Either the team underestimates his abilities, or it is not all that simple with the profile on LinkedIn. In any case, the developers in the team are quite experienced, although there is a lack of people specializing in the blockchain.

The white paper is translated into three languages – English, Korean and Chinese. It immediately becomes clear where the team is waiting for the main investment. The document describes in great detail the technical part and the so-called tokenomics (about 60% of the entire document). For sure, this is due to the large number of technical specialists in the team. Unfortunately, we have not found in the document a line about the competitive environment, the potential of the market, the income that the team expects to receive from the project, how the team intends to promote its project. In this aspect, the white paper looks very raw and requires considerable refinement. There are three marketing experts in the project team, and they might be able to deal with the issue, but they seem to prefer to develop a community in the social networks at the moment and the activity in the social networks look better than a white paper.

The main channel of the promotion the team, apparently, chose Telegram, where there are almost 24 thousand people. On the second place goes Facebook, where the number of followers slightly smaller-about 18600 people. The third largest number of subscribers is at Twitter with 12 thousand people. By the way, during the last two months their number has significantly decreased – by 14%. The worst is the Telegram-Channel with 1000 subscribers and the number of them decreased by 50 during the same two months!

Let's summarize. TEMCO is created by a team with no visible experience in logistics, but with a significant number of experienced developers. The idea of the project is very relevant, and if properly implemented, the product will be in demand, but judging by the "raw" white paper, the team does not understand yet what place they can occupy at the market, and how much money they can earn. However, broad support from the community and belief in success can help any project to turn from a small startup to a large successful company.

Small and medium-sized enterprises do not possess sufficiently developed infrastructure or financial flexibility to provide their customers with delivery chains management data. On the other hand, customers want to know about their orders today more than ever. In a system that exists nowadays, they have access to main shipping logs and estimations.

TEMCO will revolutionize the management of delivery chains with the use of innovative technologies: blockchain, smart contracts and trade companies organization projects.

TEMCO will provide more transparency and reliability in the entire process of delivery chain to provide accurate information, that led to greater customer`s and business` operational capability.

Advantages, decisions and ratings

TEMCO ICO – project that combines innovative technologies: smart contracts, blockchain and large data. Data is uploaded to blockchain by using smart contacts, then is transferred to large data. This type of system design helps business to maximize the use of information that is valuable.

Coins and bonuses are rewarded to users while they take a part in a life of community. We give even more coins, tokens and bonuses to leading reviewers, companies with top rating and review`s authors. These tokens can be spent on TEMCO coins market.

Project solutions:

·        Connected – track, share and access real time data anywhere anytime through highly linked blockchain;

·        Credible – trust your product vendors. They are verified by vendor verification system;

·        Transparent – data collected through smart contract in blockchain is immutable and transparent;

·        Traceable – trace your product back to its origin. Problems are reliably and quickly resolved;

·        Insightful – develop new business insights using big data.

TEMCO advantages:

·        Verified vendors – system only partners with proven businesses;

·        Linked data – smart tags track the entire supply chain process from point of origin to final consumers;

·        Real reviews – consumers who purchased a product can post review;

·        Marketplace – everything comes together at TEMPO marketplace.

What about prices

TEMCO is crypto token. It has been released on Rootstock RSK platform. Current value of 1 TEMCO token equals $ 0,00197316. 24 hours turnover - $ 472103.

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