What is Tezos cryptocurrency? Tezos project has entered the market as Ethernum alternative.

Its technological innovations, such as new Michelson language, designed for protocol complete formal verification, had a great importance for blockchain market.

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Formal verification is a reviewing of program algorithms for inconsistencies, disruptions and mistakes. This type of verification is used all over the world for important processes, where mistake would be costly: while starting equipment, in banking systems and so on.

There was no entire formal verification in blockchain technologies before Tezos appearance. Its implementation must have brought cryptocurrency`s safety on higher level. In fact, mistakes, that might theoretically occur with other smart-contract cryptocurrencies, were excluded with Tezos.

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The developers have stated that Tezos ecosystem would be transformed into equal community. It would be working on Proof-of-Stake (share`s evidence) basis. That is, all decisions connected with improvements, innovations and other changes of system were prerogative of system`s members. They, too, were generally responsible for system functioning.

Rates and description

There is still a matter of how all the system will be implemented.

Now Tezos is in process of dividing into two webs – Tezos and hardfork nTezos. The original design has been already destroyed. This is linked to the fact that in proceedings US regulators have ordered Tezos` owners to perform a KYC – the procedure of all investors` identification. 

Investors are faced with a choice: to stay is Tezos` chain and provide it and obviously regulators with their personal data, or to prefer nTezos` chain and remain anonymous.

However, many investors are wondering for how long they will remain anonymous. The reasons of anxiety are growing tight of crypto law and too much legislature`s focus on Tezos` multiple violation of the law.

Notwithstanding certain legal difficulties, cryptocurrency`s price is growing even after its division. Xtz has rose in value from $ 1,21 (July 6) to $2,5 (today). With nowadays crypto market situation it is very good result.

Investors, who have not sold their tokens, possibly, have a chance to gain a profit though Tezos` technical promises in future.

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