Buying and selling cryptocurrency is one of the easiest ways to make money today. This is the most profitable investment product. Traders spend a minimum of time and get a stable high profit. But in this case, too, is not so easy. For successful earnings you need to know a lot about the digital market, monitor the situation and monitor all the news. Traders need to be on the alert all the time and not to let a single jump in price go out of focus.

The digital market participants work with special sites. Our resource is one of them. It is here that you can follow the news and exchange rates, daily receive current reviews of new products. You are interested in a list of promising currencies for investments? Let's look at what criteria should be evaluated digital money:

· High liquidity. Traders need to consider whether it is possible to sell coins at any time at market value;

· Course stability;

· Reputation of project developers;

· Opportunities for further development.

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Best currencies to buy according to experts

Experienced digital market professionals work on our website. We have released 6 unique products to analyze and control the market situation. Experts daily collect the latest information and publish it on the portal. Based on the above criteria and our own experience, we have formed the top 10 most promising cryptocurrencies. This list includes:

· Bitcoin is the most famous, popular and stable currency that heads any ratings. Today, 80% of all bitcoins are mined. With a decrease in supply will increase the cost.

· Litecoin - an improved analogue of Bitcoin. The coin has low commissions and the ability to scale.

· Ethereum is the second after Bitcoin currency by capitalization. The platform is a decentralized system for the creation and conclusion of smart contracts.

· EOS. Capitalization of token 15 billion dollars. The developers promise to solve the problem of scaling, to provide a set of tools for creating and running tools. The exit and promotion of the platform in the Asian region is being prepared;

· Tron - currency of the same name platform based on the blockchain. Capitalization is 5.7 billion dollars.

· Cardano ADA - designed to work with smart contracts. The currency aims at decentralizing the economy and democratizing finance;

· NEO is a promising currency for implementing the idea of a smart economy. Capitalization is 5.5 billion dollars.

· VeChain - cryptocurrency processes and converts data. The project is aimed at entrepreneurs who are interested in the safe storage of information;

· Qtum is a flexible platform for implementing blockchain technology in various areas: media, gaming, social, financial;

· Nem XEM - the currency has prospects of implementation in the field of accounting. The platform works on the principle of "smart deal".

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Current prices and currency ratings on our website

The cryptocurrency market is changing very dynamically. Constantly there are new products that complicate the position of leaders. Stable altcoins can suddenly lose demand and take positions. Therefore, for successful work in the market, you need to monitor the situation daily. We guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the data. Information is updated on the site every day. Promising applications are being prepared for release, which will facilitate the work of traders.