Blockchain today is so popular that people are trying to implement it everywhere and in everything. Sometimes it really improves the original properties of the product, but there is often nothing left but questions. Let's take a look at what products have recently been trying to implement blockchain technology.

Mobile phone on Blockchain

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In January 2019, the company HTC finally started selling its phone Exodus, which uses blockchain. The main difference of this telephony from ordinary smart phone is that it functions on the same Exodus blockchain and has a built-in cryptocurrency purse.

Blockchain Fridge

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Bosch, a German manufacturer of household appliances, and the Austrian energy company WienEnergie presented in April 2019the refrigerator, using the blockchain technology. The device allows its owners "safe and transparent" control power consumption. Actually, blockchain was introduced in the refrigerator only for this purpose -to accustom the consumer to protect the environment.


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Porsche announced that it started testing applications based on blockchain technology directly in cars. In this way, the company intends to increase the security of transaction for parking, the transfer of the car to third parties, etc.

Wallet Watch

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One of the largest manufacturers of luxury Swiss watches, A. Favre&Fils, in the second half of 2019, promises to show "cryptocurrency" watches, capable to act as a bitcoin-purse. In Addition, the model will be equipped with a "patented security system on the blockchain". The cost of one watch will vary between $102000 - $153000.

Blockchain Computer

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In the beginning of 2018 Corporation IBM presented the smallest computer, the sizes of which do not exceed sizes of relish of salt, and its productivity is comparable with processors of 90th years of the last century. The Computer is designed to work with the blockchain, and will be integrated into the packaging of consumer goods to track their delivery and confirmation of authenticity.