VeChain cryptocurrency (VEN) is a token of the world's leading blockchain platform offering blockchain-as-a-service to manufacturers. Developers want to create a distribution ecosystem for a business area. It should be free, self-developing and scalable. Project Manager Sunny Lou. In general, the team consists of 60 members and is one of the largest in the digital market. They set themselves the task of ensuring high transparency of the market. Consumers should have access to detailed information about the products they buy and sell. Sellers and consumers can be confident in the quality of products due to reliable storage of all data.

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We present to your consideration a small review of the platform:

· it offers symmetric information with a minimum amount of asymmetric data;

· increased trust between partners;

· effective ways of interaction between market participants;

· prospects for development in any commercial direction;

· use of a closed loop.

Analysis of the platform and currency VEN from experts

VEN cryptocurrency is used to implement smart contracts and create a closed loop with an open interface. Here is an overview of the coin platform:

· At the start of the project, investors used Ethereum to purchase tokens;

· The basis of VeChain - code Ethereum, worked out and modified for better functioning within the network;

· The complexity of the VEN network is generated automatically, and the network nodes provide a reward of 75-99%;

· The transaction fee is paid in VeChain coins;

· Ability to create applications using smart contracts and blockchain on the source code of VeChain;

· Various corporate products and services can be paid for exactly this coin.

You can store cryptocurrency in various ways. The cryptolab team offers the most reliable and cost-effective solutions:

· You can put your assets right on the computer. This is a convenient and reliable way, but the withdrawal is longer;

· Keeping money in your account online. To use them you need to take a few steps. It is fast and convenient;

· A hardware wallet is a removable device that looks like a flash drive. The device can be connected to any computer and use coins.

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Currency prices on our site

According to the latest data, VeChain developers have announced the expansion of the team, the staff of the EU branch has been strengthened by a lawyer and coder, and the direction of developing a mobile application has been strengthened in the USA. Expansion of the team in hard conditions is a positive signal for investors against the background of staff cuts and budget cuts by other start-ups. Traders buy altcoin based on the next steps of the Asian company to create new alliances in the USA and the EU. The market today’s news are on our site. Keep track and be aware of current events.