One of the employees of our company always wears two purses. In one there is money, documents, several credit cards and photos of the beloved dog, and the other is exclusively for bonus, discount and other cards from many stores. Naturally, she constantly complains that the bag is about to break, and there is a mess in the cards. We're sure she's not the only one with such problem. Dozens of thousands (if not hundreds) of people around the world are experiencing the same difficulties. As a result, everyone suffers-people from the mess in cards and loyalty programs, the companies-from the loss of some customers. A convenient solution is offered by a startup WULET, and we will talk about it today.

WULET has been evaluated by 5 of the 14 agencies whose ratings we are taking into consideration. On the basis of their rating we have calculated the weighted average estimation of 85.06 points from 100. A very decent result, especially as we advise to consider ICO for investment if its rating exceeds 80 points. For what specific indicators were so highly appreciated by the agencies? First of all, it is ICO Profile. TrackICO put the maximum 14 points from 14, Foundico-9.2 of 10, ICOmarks-8.5 of 10, and ICObench gave 4.3 out of 5. The team also get high estimations for social networks activity. So, ICOmarks put 8 points out of 10 for it, and TrackICO gave the maximum 9 points. Only Foundico gave 6.5 points out of 10 for the project promotion. This agency has significantly lowered the rating for the team by giving 5 points out of 10. Although other agencies were more supportive by giving 7 out of 10 (ICOmarks) and 8.3 out of 10 (from Foxico). In general, the world rating agencies very well appreciated WULET. Let's take a closer look at the product it creates.

Startup WULET develops platform that unites all loyalty programs and will help clients to unite all their cards, discounts, and coupons in one convenient system. According to the developers, the majority of loyalty programs are inefficient and are characterized by low customer involvement. This approach will be used to solve this problem. But that's not all. The developers plan to create their internal exchange, where clients will be able to purchase or sell bonus points of any loyalty program in exchange for WU-tokens. For example, if someone does not need accumulated bonus points from H&M, he/she can sell them on the stock exchange, and get WU-tokens, and then buy a discount percentage in Burger King. For shopaholics such exchange will become a real paradise! Also it will be possible to get cryptocashback from each purchase. We believe that in the modern world, where from each showcase you are trying to lure a variety of actions, discounts, bonuses and loyalty programs, structuring and combining them on one platform will allow people to better understand them, choose the most Interesting and, as a result, to increase loyalty to their favorite brands.

The WULET team is represented by four people. Of course, it is doubtful that this amount was sufficient for implementation of such a large project, so we are to assume that only the main ideologists are represented on the site. Alexander Tkachev, the CEO and co-founder of the project. Also he has been Business Development Director in advertising agency for more than 4 years, planning and conducting clients marketing companies (including ICO-projects). It is to be believed that Mr. Tkachev knows firsthand how international marketing lives, and what instruments his players lack for more intensive development. Interestingly, he came in May 2018 in WULET (as stated in his LinkedIn profile), while Leonid Strimovskii, the CFO, has been working here since April 2017; he is an even more experienced manager with 25 years running the "Trans-Business Group" company. Unfortunately, little is known about Alexey Popov, the CTO of the project. Besides the information written on a site of the company, there is no other information. We would like to have more detailed information about the person responsible for product development.

As experienced managers, the team has issued a white paper in accordance with all the canons of business plans: In addition to all the standard items for this document (missions, business problems, roadmap, token distribution and others), the team made a very important thing and they conducted a competitor analysis. In today's high- competitive world, no project can develop successfully without knowing what their competitors are doing. It is great that that WULET understands it. Of course, it would be great if the team would additionally write the financial and economic indicators they plan to come out after attracting investment, but at least there is a percentage assessment of the benefits for companies that implement the WULET service. Most start-ups do not even indicate it in their white papers. It is also pleasant that the paper describes the possible options of WULET service. This allows the investor to quickly determine the potential demand of the product. In general, the White paper of the project is a fairly informative document that answers almost all the questions arise.

The main channel of promotion is Telegram with more than 8 thousand subscribers. This is logical, because this messenger is used by almost all the crypto community. Facebook takes the second place with about 7500 subscribers. Twitter is the most unpopular, where the project also has just over 5000 people. Perhaps, all in the best traditions of marketing as at first the team has focused on the main channel of promotion, and further attracts the audience in the second-tier (in terms of the investors presence) social networks

Today we want to introduce you a new platform that making life easier for many people. The startup offers a convenient solution that you not to carry in your wallet a lot of cash, payment, bonus, discount cards. WULET ICO is a special platform on the blockchain platform, which provides its users with the opportunity to perform operations with cryptocurrency. There is no need to use additional complex tools, which greatly facilitates the work.

We present an innovative loyalty platform that allows its users to use cryptocurrency in their daily lives. Corresponding to the terms of use, people can receive a crypt in the form of cashback from daily purchases.

The team project of payment tool WU ICO

We offer you a review of a project that provides business opportunities to attract new customers and is guaranteed to keep current. This project aims to increase the loyalty of its users. It accumulates the offers of sellers regarding bonus programs and discounts in one application. That is, in one ecosystem, you can conduct trade transactions, discount programs, trade bonuses, fiat money, as well as use other offers.

We can use this platform on a mobile device and on a personal computer. This platform allows you to popularize cryptocurrency. It also has a full-fledged extension and access to all functions in order to purchase goods and services for it. Users will be able in one click to organize various marketing activities.

The developers of WULET ICO have created a secure and fast payment system that works through smart contracts and minimizes the risks of fraud and hacking by hackers. On the platform, you can register to any user to buy and order the necessary services.

As a result of the interaction, users receive a reward. Such a system allows bonus points to support customer loyalty. WULET offers two schemes of work:

• One of them is the use of tokens;

• Other - work on the exchange of loyalty.

All participants of the platform can independently choose the method of using remuneration. Sellers can purchase tokens and award awards to other users. Now developers have achieved a reduction in the cost of organizing loyalty programs and increased the remuneration share for their customers.

If you consider the WULET platform for investment, then it received the weighted average of 85.06 points from 100. The project received quite high points from TrackICO, Foundico, ICOmarks, ICObench, Foxico. In general, the world rating agencies are very well appreciated this startup. Project developers distribute tokens in various sectors:

·        16% for the team

·        10% for strategic partners

·        4% bounty

·        70% crowdsale

So, we offer you an innovative investment platform that processes many trades and supports a convenient interface. In it uses BTC and ETH payment methods. The cryptocurrency price in ICO is $ 0.138. This platform has more than 1500 users of thousand and 14 thousand users of companies.