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Now our team of analytics specialists presents review of a new investment platform for you - Zcash. It was developed by the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, which provides its users with privacy conditions and selective transaction transparency.

Daily cryptocurrency news by Cryptolaboratory

Zcash has been developed and launched by cryptographers in 2016. It is based on the research of scientists from MIT, Technion, Johns Hopkins, Tel Aviv University and UC Berkeley. Platform developers adhere to the philosophy that everyone has a right to privacy, that the pursuit of economic freedom is virtuous. It is the digital currency that can withstand an attack- and censorship-resistant.

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Since the launch of Zcash has quickly grown to be one of the most valued and admired cryptocurrencies in the world. This platform provides an opportunity to be verified without revealing the sender, receiver or transaction amount. It uses a cryptographic tool that allows two users to engage in transactions without either party revealing their addresses to the other.

Working on this platform, it’s close to impossible to trace the path of any given funds to its sender or receiver. The fact that you cannot find out any information provides a high level of fungibility.

In the process of making transactions, the project establishes special encryption on the proposed information. In fact, this platform is like rate Bitcoin, only with even greater protection of the customer base. The project supports transparent and secure addresses, so you can choose whether you want to send Zcash publicly or privately. In this case, all customers can find out whether the client address is transparent. If the address starts with “t”, it is transparent and functions as bitcoin. If it starts with a “z” - it has improved address confidentiality.

In its work, the project uses blockchain technology together with the latest cryptography. This property allows you to create new classes of applications for a chain of blocks.

The company has a diverse team whose task it is to give everyone on Earth an open, inclusive financial system. Now mainly in the company employs scientists, researchers and software developers who specialize in software security, privacy and cryptography.

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The good review and analysis of ZEC token

Now the platform is used by JPMorgan. The field of application is a Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System. To get started with Zcash on MacOSX and Windows, you need to create your wallet. Then you can get Zcash either by purchasing or by exchanging or mining.

Zec cryptocurrency uses powerful technology and reveals a strong desire for development. At its disposal, it has 21 million units of tokens. Today the Zcash Price is 54 USD (or 0.014 BTC). The Market capitalization is 333558993 USD. With each goth, the market capitalization of the platform increases significantly. You can buy Zcash on almost all major exchanges - WEX, Binance, Kraken, Poloniex, HitBTC, Bitfinex and others for Bitcoin, broadcast or fiat money.

Compared with previous months, the cost of tokens decreases. Analyzing the graphs of its activity, we can predict that a sharp increase in value is expected. There are many reasons why users would like to use privacy policy. But today, the Zcash platform is often criticized for illegal activity.