Ark (ARK)

Main info

Price:$0.60Date of listing at exchange:March 01, 2017Field of application:Development of decentralized applicationsWhere it`s used:Developer:Mike DotySocials:Blog

Road map

What's done:FEB 2017 Ark mainnet launch At the end of 2017 Development of a network of P2Pcards and SmartBridgelinks to the networks Bitcoin, Ethereum and Lisk Beginning of 2018 Implementation of Smartcard P2P payment system and additional support for bridge interlocksWhat's planned:By the end of 2018 Ecosystem developmentRoad map progress percentage:0.85

Technical features

Consensus:delegated Proof of StakeBlockchain:ArkMining:NoICO:YesMax supply:141028108Circulating supply:78%

Financial details

Initial price:$0.03Current cap:$66,099,428.23Cap 2017, $:$659,951,360.00Cap 2016, $:Cap 2015, $:Max drawdown:44%Main exchanges:OKEx, Huobi, Coinsuper, Bitfinex, BCEX, Bit-Z