Decred (DCR)

Main info

Price:$25.35Date of listing at exchange:April 01, 2017Field of application:Peer to Peer Electronic Cash SystemWhere it`s used:YBF VenturesDeveloper:Chicagobased Company 0Socials:Blog

Road map

What's done:N/AWhat's planned:N/ARoad map progress percentage:N/A

Technical features

Consensus:Proof of Work & Proof of StakeBlockchain:Decred BlockchainMining:YesICO:NoMax supply:21000000Circulating supply:46%

Financial details

Initial price:$0.95Current cap:$244,909,115.71Cap 2017, $:$543,063,488.00Cap 2016, $:$1,617,190.00Cap 2015, $:Max drawdown:38%Main, Binance, IDAX, OOOBTC, DragonEX, ZB.COM