Lisk (LSK)

Main info

Price:$1.98Date of listing at exchange:May 01, 2016Field of application:Development of decentralized applicationsWhere it`s used:Microsoft AzureDeveloper:Oliver Beddows,Max KordekSocials:Blog

Road map

What's done:Q1 2016 Max Kordek & Oliver Beddows propose the idea for Lisk and raise 14,000 BTC in an ICO. Q4 2016 The Lisk Foundation is established in Zug, Switzerland, which has become known as Crypto Valley. 2017 Lisk expands to include more than 100 people contributing to the project each day. Q1 2018 Lisk hosts a relaunch event to unveil its new website, branding, product names and client interface.What's planned:2018 Lisk Core 1.0 will ramp up network efficiency, scalability and stability.Road map progress percentage:0.8

Technical features

Consensus:delegated Proof of StakeBlockchain:CryptiMining:NoICO:YesMax supply:131445415Circulating supply:89%

Financial details

Initial price:$2.04Current cap:$230,574,873.75Cap 2017, $:$2,213,622,528.00Cap 2016, $:$14,871,100.00Cap 2015, $:Max drawdown:51%Main exchanges:Binance, OKEx, Huobi,, Upbit