Monero (XMR)

Main info

Price:$68.53Date of listing at exchange:April 01, 2014Field of application:Peer to Peer Electronic Cash SystemWhere it`s used:Azur Samui, Hammock Universe, FlokiNETDeveloper:Nicolas van SaberhagenSocials:

Road map

What's done:2014 Launched on Bitcointalk released 2015 Monero Research Lab 4 published 2016 Hardfork to split coinbase into denominations 2017 Helium Hydra released GUI out of betaWhat's planned:Fluffy blocks GUI port to android Forum Funding System redesign Subaddresses Multisignatures (multisig) Kovri alpha release Additional MRL research papers Secondlayer solutions for speed and scalability More efficient range proofs for RingCT to reduce transaction sizes"Road map progress percentage:0.72

Technical features

Consensus:Proof of WorkBlockchain:CryptoNoteMining:YesICO:YesMax supply:16933696.6322684Circulating supply:100%

Financial details

Initial price:$1.00Current cap:$1,160,494,765.50Cap 2017, $:$5,113,907,200.00Cap 2016, $:$177,027,008.00Cap 2015, $:$4,654,080.00Max drawdown:41%Main exchanges:HitBTC, Binance, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Kraken, Livecoin