OmiseGO (OMG)

Main info

Price:$1.87Date of listing at exchange:June 01, 2017Field of application:Interbank payments and currency exchange, crossborder paymentsWhere it`s used:Shinhan Card, Thai Ministry for Digital Affairs, McDonald’s Thailand, MakerDAODeveloper:Jun HasegawaSocials:Blog

Road map

What's done:Q2 2017 OMG Token Sale Q3 2017 OMG Airdrop Q4 2017 Wallet SDK Alpha Q1 2018 Plasma MVP Wallet SDK BetaWhat's planned:Q2 2018 Plasma Cash Wallet SDK Realease Strategy Announcement Q3 2018 Plasma Tendermint DEx Cosmos DEx Q4 2018 Noncustodial DEx on Plasma Hybrid PoS Cash In/Out Acquisitions and Launch TBA Full DEx on Plasma Full PoSRoad map progress percentage:0.35

Technical features

Consensus:Proof of StakeBlockchain:EthereumMining:NoICO:YesMax supply:140245398.245133Circulating supply:100%

Financial details

Initial price:$0.53Current cap:$261,874,775.06Cap 2017, $:$1,634,170,752.00Cap 2016, $:Cap 2015, $:Max drawdown:37%Main exchanges:Lbank, OKEx, BCEX, CoinEgg, Allcoin, Huobi