Siacoin (SC)

Main info

Price:$0.00Date of listing at exchange:May 01, 2015Field of application:Peer to Peer Electronic Cash SystemWhere it`s used:Nebulous IncDeveloper:David VorickSocials:Blog

Road map

What's done:2014 Nebulous, Inc. is founded to build Sia. Raises first capital in a crowdsale. 2015 Sia network is released in Beta and improved throughout the year. 2016 Sia comes out of Beta and releases v1.0. 2017 Sia gains significant speed, stability, and scalability upgrades. The team grows.What's planned:2018 Our goal: Sia becomes productionready for cold storage, begins to be used by companies, and introduces file sharing. 2019 Our goal: Sia starts to approach Amazon S3 speeds, moves to warmer storage, and introduces content distribution features. 2020 Our goal: Sia becomes a true competitor to Amazon S3 and companies start to switch to Sia as an alternative. Long term goal: Sia becomes the storage layer of the InternetRoad map progress percentage:0.8

Technical features

Consensus:Proof of WorkBlockchain:SiacoinMining:YesICO:YesMax supply:40373747664Circulating supply:100%

Financial details

Initial price:$0.00Current cap:$117,122,030.09Cap 2017, $:$893,233,536.00Cap 2016, $:$5,122,660.00Cap 2015, $:$148,746.00Max drawdown:51%Main exchanges:Binance, BCEX, OKEx, Exrates, https, https