Steem (STEEM)

Main info

Price:$0.41Date of listing at exchange:April 01, 2016Field of application:Service tokenWhere it`s used:Developer:Ned Scott,Dan LarimerSocials:Blog

Road map

What's Migrating all services to autoscaling, selfhealing infrastructure. Useful blockchain data microservices for both internal and external developers to accelerate application development. “Batteries Included”: Highly available public service endpoints for thirdparty developer quickstart. An Ethos of Deliberate, Reasoned Design Steem Login and signing service for safe and easy thirdparty app integrations. Rebranding: new logo, colors, logotype to distinguish the social app from the blockchain. UI: Design language overhaul for all userfacing application UIs. Apps: We’re developing iOS and Android native mobile applications. Feature: Free image hosting. Announced do be available in Q2 (may to june) but was released in January, 2017. See: Including images in your posts Feature: Comment moderation for post authors. Feature: Community Namespaces and Moderation. Feature: New user tutorial. Feature: Achievements and User Insignia. Feature: Mobile notifications. Feature: Easytounderstand status bar. Steem Blockchain A platform dashboard view into the current state of the Steem Blockchain. Worldclass developer documentation for rapidly building Steem Blockchain apps. Officially supported client libraries for JavaScript and Python. Feature: Greatly reduced blockchain account creation costs, minus the spam. Feature: Arbitrary splitting of post rewards, for revenue splitting. Scalability: The future is parallel. Steemit, Inc Physical Decentralization: a global team headquartered on the Internet. Internetspeed internal team communications. Automatic tests and builds for all code, with easy onecommand deployments to reduce latency to production for completed features, allowing developers to focus on development. We’re hiring the best talent globally. We plan to decentralize the @steemit account stake. All of our software will remain free (as in freedom) software.What's planned:N/ARoad map progress percentage:1

Technical features

Consensus:Proof of Brain (delegated Proof of Stake)Blockchain:GrapheneMining:NoICO:YesMax supply:328803770.173Circulating supply:95%

Financial details

Initial price:$0.64Current cap:$129,085,331.50Cap 2017, $:$664,074,496.00Cap 2016, $:$37,817,400.00Cap 2015, $:Max drawdown:55%Main exchanges:Upbit, Bithumb, Binance, OKEx, Bit-Z, CoinEgg