VET Geared For New Highs As VeChain Readies Latest Innovations

> VeChain has seen a recent four-month rally, which only recently managed to die down. However, depending on the metrics you trust on the matter, a massive breakout event could happen, once more, which could see massive new highs for the currency. VeChain Getting The Best Of Things Of all the various cryptocurrencies the world has to offer thus far, VeChain stands as one that’s had a very good year of 2020. The pandemic may have caused a massive amount of chaos for the crypto industry at large, especially during Black Thursday, when March saw the crypto industry halve in value, Vechain stands a little apart. With its VeChainThor technology, currently being tested across an array of industries. There, the blockchain is providing solutions to real-world problems across the globe. Coinb...