Numerous On-Chain Metrics Turn In Favor Of Ethereum - $500 Next?

The good news doesn’t stop there. The number of ETH inside exchanges has hit a 10-month low. A high ETH balance on exchanges usually indicates strong selling pressure, in this case, it shows that investors are not interested in selling right now. It also seems that Ethereum’s realized price, which is the realized cap divided by the current supply, has hit a 21-month high of $244.44 Only 1 Final Barrier For Ethereum to Hit $500 With so many bullish on-chain metrics in favor of Ethereum, can we see the digital asset hit $500 again?   Looking at the daily chart, we can observe a critical resistance level established at $390 and tested several times in the past. Although the 50-SMA, 100-SMA, and 200-SMA are all support levels, bulls still need to see ...